5 ways to stay healthy.


Surgyan Maurya

  • Get up every morning before sunrise (5 o’clock) and go for a walk for two or three km. Start the day with sun worship. This will awaken a power which will refresh the heart and mind.
  • Always keep the body straight, that is, if you sit, you should stretch, if you walk, then keep your body straight.

*Due to anger, the beauty of body, mind and thoughts ends. Avoid the loss of your physical energy by keeping restraint in moments of anger.

*Every part of the body respires through the pores. That is why at the time of sleeping, wear fine, clean and minimal clothes. Cotton clothes are the best.

*Use maximum amount of fruits and vegetables in the diet. Get the essential oil elements from them, get the supply of essential oil for the body only from the substances of the natural form.


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