Advancement of personal language


    Nancy Tirthani
    . Bhartendu Harishchandra had said “Developing one’s own language is the key to every development” all kinds of progress is possible only by the use of our own language. In the medieval period, Urdu and later English became the contact language, which was away from public life, hence It could not become the lingua franca.

    Upon independence, the Constituent Assembly unanimously accepted – “The official language of the Union will be Hindi and the script Devanagari.” Along with this, eighteen regional languages ​​were also recognized. A period of fifteen years was fixed to give full place to Hindi language. The government had also started its efforts for this, but the high-ranking officials of Indian politics and government did not like it. Political leaders saw their own interests. The fear was instilled in the minds of the people of South India that Hindi was being imposed on them. Some said that in the absence of English, their children would be left behind in jobs.

    Inferiority towards mother tongue and high attitude towards English is a symbol of our mental slavery. The terror of English dress, lifestyle and English language remains in our mind. We have forgotten the legislature elements of nationalism by being subjected and dependent for a long time. In the fascination of modernity, we have no attachment towards self-language, self-culture and self-literature, the English language has been called as the medium of knowledge and science, which is not logical.

    Hindi is the language of most of the people of India. All other regional languages ​​are far behind in terms of popularity. Hindi is easy to understand. This is logical scientific language. Its script is Devanagari comprehensible, scientific and simple. Throwing light on its importance, Bharatendu Harishchandra has said
    “If you study English, you will have all the virtues. Without the knowledge of your own language, the knowledge of your language is inferior.

    No nation can claim to be independent unless it fully respects its national language. The national language is the power of the entire nation.

    The national language can only be the native language. The national language of India is Hindi, so it should be fully adopted. Only Hindi will be able to bind the entire nation in the thread of unity. There should be a high feeling in our heart towards Hindi. We should take pride in using Hindi. Foreign language and foreign culture can never bring us respect. We have to understand and accept this situation. Young people should learn English, but should not fall into its captivity. Our self-respect will be awakened by the advancement of Hindi.


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