Ancient Times to Modern Times, Bodybuilding at its peak.



Bodybuilding is not just a sport about personality, aesthetics and ripped and big muscles, it’s a lifestyle where the next level of our better selves is achieved by working hard and harder everyday for years, having the same routine, lifting the iron and making it a part of our daily life. You can see a thousand normal people with problems of obesity and some with skinny bodies but you’ll only look twice when a bodybuilder crosses by and that’s because of how he looks, confident, strong, tough and with a body that is sculpted from edge to edge. You imagine, you wish for the same because you can feel how glorious this life is and how much more it can be with you in a room of 50 and everyone is looking at you, some admiring, some criticizing and some don’t even understand what to think or what to say. But only thing you miss is the hard work behind the aesthetically sculpted big muscles, you miss 3 ‘D’s and 1 ‘C’ that is Discipline, Dedication, Determination and Consistency. It isn’t something you can achieve in a year or two. It isn’t something where only your body works, no it takes more of your mind then from your body. The 3 ‘D’s and 1 ‘C’ isn’t just about your physical strength. Discipline, dedication, determination and consistency is where you get your mind stuck and what makes you mentally strong. If we talk about your body its 50% diet, 20% exercise and 30% rest but if we talk about your mind its going to take a 100%. You have to understand and believe it’s about and for your whole life. Its not just a sport, it’s a whole different lifestyle and okay you did everything for this lifestyle but don’t you think you have to maintain it too? Well yes, that is the reason behind bodybuilding being a lifestyle not just any other sport. If you’re in it then you have to promise yourself the 3 ‘D’s and 1 ‘C’ and question yourself everyday you look in the mirror how far you want to go and how far you have come, along with noticing your mistakes in the past that can become obstacles, if repeated and how you are going to make it up for them. Have faith and patience, as you’ve read before this lifestyle doesn’t come in a short period time with shortcuts. There are going to be people trying to pull you back, you’re going to be demotivated and your mental strength going to be demolished because it’s life and life happens all the time to all of us but not all of us achieves this lifestyle, only those who work and fight hard against time and world and situations and everything that comes in between.

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Weight lifting generally was tradition originated in ancient Egypt, Greece and Tamilakam (Today’s Tamil Nadu) for gaining strength and measuring power. It was done by lifting stones of various sizes and different weights to develop muscles in their quest of body transformation. By 11th Century, In India Stone Dumbbells known as Nals were commonly used and gyms were a commonplace to achieve body goals. By 16th century it became more recreational time people had. But there is long gap of time between 16th century weight training and the Bodybuilding. Starting from 1890, the father of modern body building, the infamous ‘Eugen Sandow’ allowed audiences to enjoy viewing his physique in ‘Muscle Display Performances’. Everybody was so amazed by his posing and flexing that he started several businesses in the brand by his name. He was the first person to invent and sell the first exercise equipment for the masses; machined dumbbells, spring pulleys and tension bands. He was the creator of the first large scale bodybuilding competition that was held at Royal Albert Hall in London on 14 September, 1901. It became more popular all around the world by 1950s-60s with the emergence of the strength and gymnastics champions and the popularization of bodybuilding magazines, training and nutrition for gaining and ripping, the use of protein and other food supplements and opportunities to participate in physique contests. Numerous organizations like the International Federation of Bodybuilding (IFBB) made by The Weiders. By the 1970s-90s this sport came upon its golden era with the appearances of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Franco Columbo, Lou Ferrigno and others in bodybuilding docudrama “Pumping Iron, 1977”. This was also the time period when the body enhancing drugs and anabolic steroids came to its rise in bodybuilding and many other sports which gave birth to ‘Mass monsters’ like Arnold himself.


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