Ashish Chanchlani New Video Trending On YouTube.


Trending On #No.1 In India.

YouTube. On 1st September yesterday Ashish Chanchlani released his part 2nd of video “OTP the Lottery: Part Two”. Which cross over 16Million views in just 1 day, not only that its trending on No.1 on trending Page of YouTube India. This video hit 2million like with more than 2 lakh comments on it till now. this video is released on Ashish’s YouTube channel ” Ashish Chanchlani vines” featuring-Ashish Chanchlani, @Barkha Singh, @Kunal Chhabhria ,@Simran Dhanwani, Sidhant Sarfare ,@Just Neel Things, Akash Makhija,@Watermenon Pictures ,@Jashan Sirwani ,@Rohit Sadhwani ,@Gulshan Ailsinghani,@Paras Rupani. This story is sequel of Ashish Chanchlani’s ” OTP THE LOTTERY: PART ONE” which was released 2months back. The story revolves around 2 friends who wants an OTP which was the key for them to earn 3crore Rs worth of Bitcoin. This story consist many different characters who these friends deal with to get OTP as these characters have No. ending with 00 on which OTP comes. and for more you have to watch the video. This part has crossed 33Million views till now. Ashish Chanchlani is amongst stars who earned there fame from YouTube and also he crossed 26 Million Sub counts. for more news like this follow @thebawabilat .

You can Watch these Videos on link given below-


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