Because he’s guy!!!!!


Preeti sharma

“Look at him he’s 28 and still struggling to find a job, he’s such an unreasonable person.

Oh yeah!! People want a man to get settled and earn a good package at the age of 28 and if he fails in doing so he’s considered as irresponsible person. Yess!! These are some common judgement by our society which guys have to face everyday and they still want them to behave mature. But where are these so called society and perfect people when a person need them….

Well that’s a matter of discussion.(must be busy in looking out the life of other or in passing lame jokes and statements for others).

I’m sure, he got her pregnant that’s why he got married in age of 25. Such an idiot!!
Again the same people he’s 35 but still unmarried he’s probably impotent or playboy kind off person, this is why he’s still single.

So guys what is the right age of getting married ????well know one knows.

Know look at some stereotypes boys commonly face:

If a boy who’s broken : i miss my gf.
A random person will comment, oh you stupid!!! your guy go get a life idiot.
And if a girl is broken: i miss my bf
Same random person will comment oh girls so sorry for you, be strong…

Is it right??? Oh yeah, he doesn’t deserve to be treated equally. He shouldn’t talk about his problems and molestation. Is it reserved only for one gender??? Of course he’s man and man doesn’t fell hurt right…

So know its time for some fact lets know what are the common facts about man all over the world :-

1.He should remain will smile on face in every situation, he’s not allowed to cry, after all he’s Guy.

  1. He should get a decent job before 26 and he’s not allowed to be jobless because he’s Guy.

3.He should never spend money over his passion at the age of 35 because he’s a Guy.

  1. He should always sacrifice his sit in bus ,even if he’s not well.
  2. He should always be strong pillar and earning person in family.

When will we break all these silly stereotypes mentioned above??
Dear man, thankyou for everything you do everyday. You don’t have always to be like Yash raichand (from kbhi kushi kbhi gum) you can be Kabir Bansal (from the film ‘ki & ka’)
Boys your super strong to tackle your problems so ignore the pseudo feminism and biased world. Live the way you want !!!


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