Bhaskar Interview: Vidya Balan said – I would definitely like to shoot people who spoil the world, Vikram Malhotra said this about the actress


Vikram:- The name of our company ‘Abanduncia’ is also named after the Roman goddess, the goddess of wealth

Shivani Agarwal

After a film becomes successful, the relationship between an actor and a filmmaker lasts for many films. This custom has been going on since time immemorial. For example Amitabh Bachchan-Manmohan Desai, Subhash Ghai-Sanjay Dutt, Hirani-Sanjay Dutt. Now he is seen in the form of Vikram Malhotra-Vidya Balan. Both have worked together in ‘Shakuntala Devi’ and ‘Lion’. Now recently both have brought ‘Jalsa’ together. In a special conversation with Dainik Bhaskar, Vidya and Vikram have shared many things related to their approach, their relationship and Jalsa.

Question: In the name of Vidya is Vidya (Saraswati), the one who attains Lakshmi through meditation, then both of you are collaborating together again and again?

Vikram: Absolutely. This is the secret, which you have revealed to the world. Lakshmi ji is coming in our ‘Abanduncia Entertainment’ company only because of the worship of this Saraswati. This is the secret of our successful collaboration.

Vidya:- My mother’s name is Saraswati and aunt’s name is Lakshmi.

Vikram:- The name of our company ‘Abanduncia’ is also named after the Roman goddess, the goddess of wealth.

Question:- Vidya’s mother’s name is Saraswati, aunt’s Lakshmi i.e. Triveni (the name of the director of ‘Jalsa’ Suresh Triveni) Sangam has also been formed here?

Vidya: Oh good. Indeed. What is the matter.

Question: What was the takeaway for Vidya from the character Maya Menon?

Vidya:- We often decide, what is right, what is wrong? But until it passes on itself, we do not know how we are going to react in a particular situation. So we have no right to judge anyone.

Question: – Both have ‘V’ in their name, how many films will be signed between them?

Vikram: Till the time we do not change the names of both, this agreement is going to remain intact. Working with him gives our entire team a fulfilling feeling.

Question: Apart from ‘Jalsa’, were there any such projects of Vikram which Vidya refused?

Vidya: Actually it was two-sided. They sent many, which I did not. Many I sent to Vikram, which he did not do. But it is the specialty of a good partnership that you can be honest with each other.

Question:- Can we also expect OTT debut of Vidya?

Vidya: – Right now I am focusing on films only, because reading whatever scripts came from digital point of view, I did not get excited that I should do it. Because, web shows take a lot of time to complete. I came to know that I said yes, but what if I do not enjoy it later? I’ll be stuck for a long time. But I am sure that sometime or the other it will happen.

Vikram had already made ‘Breathe’, next project with Akshay? Will he ever make Vidya’s OTT debut?

Vikram:- I have to narrate many more films to Vidya. In fact, our films together have set a very high standard now. So if we come across a show that is of such high standards, we will definitely take it to Vidya. However, nothing like that has come so far.

Which are some other intriguing characters like Silk Smitha, in which you have gone with a lot of effort?

Vidya:- ‘Jalsa’ is off-course, because the struggle of truth and lies in it was very difficult to understand and at the same time express it without saying much. Well, there is a need for fine balance in the project and the characters. Also ‘Shakuntala Devi’ was also a very challenging project.

Which scene from your previous films would you like to relive that had a deep impact on you?

Vidya :- That scene of ‘Kahaani’, where my character Vidya Bagchi shoots Villan Milan Damji. There are many people who are spoiling the world, I would definitely like to shoot them.


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