There are patriots in every nation and are known for their accountable passionate love for their countries, their heroism and courage and then some with the tragic ends they meet but at least they are acknowledged for what they did and are not just left to die like they are nothing, like they are invisible and nobody can’t see them. We read about numerous patriots and martyrs but what about those who live behind enemy lines and fight the war they are assigned for, all alone, leaving behind not just their lives, not just people and things they loved but their true identity just to get lost in the mist of time. Ravindra Kaushik, lover of his mother India, a great artist in his college times, a handsome guy with incredible IQ and a forgotten spy who was the greatest in the archives of R&AW, who was deployed at the age of just 23 as an undercover in Pakistan.

Born on 11th April, 1952 in the city of Sri Ganganagar to his Father J.M. Kaushik who served in Indian Air Force and after retirement joined a mill in Sri Ganganagar and to his housewife mother Amladevi. He has a younger brother Rajeshwarnath Kaushik, who lives in Jaipur. Ravindra was married to a girl named Amanat who was a daughter of Pakistani Army Officer and had one child, there are no known whereabouts of his wife and his child.

Ravindra was witnessed by R&AW after he performed at a national level dramatic meet in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh and then was reached by the agency with a job offer of being and undercover, which he accepted proudly because was patriotic by nature even in his childhood as he had witnessed the Indo-Sino War. He was pursuing B. Com in S.D. College in Sri Ganganagar and after completing his Bachelor’s he joined R&AW and undertook gruesome training which involved learning Urdu and customs of Pakistan and getting habitual of its terrain and was converted into a Muslim as Sunnat (Circumcision) was performed on him to meet every area of being religious Muslim so could get mixed in Pakistanis. He was given a cover name “Nabi Ahmed Shakir” and entered Pakistan when he was 23 in the year 1975 and all his records back home were destroyed making him a ghost for his own country by sending him on a nonetheless, a suicide mission. He successfully got admission in Karachi University to Pursue LLB. He excelled in every corner of his life that was made up by R&AW, in studies to theatre to religious life he learned. He then joined Pakistani Army as Commissioned Officer and eventually rose up the rank of Major and passed critical and classified information and documents to R&AW from 1979 to 1983, The then Home Minister of India S.B. Chavan gave him the name of “Black Tiger”. In 1983, R&AW sent a low -level operative “Inayat Masih” to get in touch with the Black Tiger. But Inayat was caught by Joint Counter-Intelligence Bureau of Pakistan’s ISI and made Inayat to reveal the identity of the spy. Ravindra was then caught and got tortured till 1985 and was then sentenced to death which was later commuted to a life term. He was there in jail for 16 long years full of darkness and trauma, he somehow managed to send letter to his family back in India and because of pulmonary tuberculosis and heart disease his legendary but a life with tragedies came to an end.

In one of his letters, he allegedly wrote “Is this what people who sacrifices their life for a big country like India gets?”


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