Bodybuilding, one of the most faming and expensive sports on earth, requiring each and every nerve to accomplish the goals like in “Oh boy, don’t you got the nerves to be someone with a recognition of a Greek god?”. Everyone want to be recognized and how do I know that, well because I know how it exactly feels to feel like an invisible person, even when you’re standing between the people who know you but still you don’t actually feel your existence, but then what did I do to be someone or maybe someone with a body of a Greek god I guess? I went on to the formula of 3Ds and 1C- Dedication, Determination, Discipline and Consistency. On what did I applied these to transform myself into a beast with the aesthetics all over my body? Dedication on my passion of being someone not just anyone, Determination for my goals, Discipline and Consistency in my routine I set for my passion and the goals I need to achieve and maintain. This formula can be applied on anything, any kind of passion or profession. My passion is to be one in a hundred, my goals are to get bigger and bigger and ripped along with the aesthetics, for this my routine is a workout program according to my goals and diet and nutrition according to my workout program and my body. Workout Program and everything else regarding to bodybuilding is being left for another article and even diet and nutrition is also not what you’re going to learn about today. But the one of the most important of bodybuilding is to know about the myths and misconceptions people made about this sport and nutrition and diet it consists, majorly about supplements.

Okay I am going to put it all in points, so it will be easier for you to understand. So, let’s start busting.

  1. The First and the biggest myth, or you can call it the god of all myths in this area of field is “Hey you skinny little thing, want to get all big and ripped, join us the freaky mythmakers instead of bodybuilders and we will make you a god of all ripped beasts in a matter of a month time. All you got to do is to move here and there for 20 minutes and waste all your money on us”. You must have heard this a lot from guys with 30 percent fat and 70 percent water but not a single pound of actual muscle. Well, let me tell you the bitter truth, It’s not going to happen like ever, our body takes a lot of investment of time and money in a systematic way, the more you put both of these in your body, the better results are going to be and still I am not talking about months, I am talking about years as if I talk about myself, I don’t see no stopping point because once you get into it and once you start getting results, it becomes more of an irresistible habit then just a month old fondness .
  2. Next big myth is about weights that the more and heavier you lift the better it will be, form doesn’t matter. Well, no guys the more you lift without caring about your form will only result in big injuries. The better the form is, the better your strength will be and eventually you will lift heavier and better, the results are going to be better too.
  3. Power Lifting and Bodybuilding is the same thing. Well, no both are different sports and has different set of rules and goals to accomplish them. Power lifting consists of lifting heavier weights, yes with a form too and it’s all just about pure strength regardless of appearance because most of the power lifters are fatty and do not really care about aesthetics whereas in Bodybuilding its all about balance and appearance, aesthetics and shape. Both of there requires ton of hard training and consistency in the routine though.
  4. You cannot compete without steroids, well kind of true and kind of not. Its kind of true because all the athletes on most stages of different championship all around the world use muscle enhancing drugs in their prep but its kind of not because there are many stages for all natural bodybuilders too.
  5. Supplements are harmful, Please stay away from the or else you will die a horrible death, god will punish you and bla..bla..bla. Well, no, food supplement such as protein, All kinds of amino acids, natural testosterone boosters, multi vitamins, caffeine, fish oils, liver detox, and many others are made from natural ingredients and are just processed artificially and are important after the beginner stage because you just can’t get all these micronutrients and macronutrients from your diet because you’re not basically a monster who will eat anything and everything in quantities as much as a dinosaur would have eat in their times.
  6. Supplements provides drastic effects; you will have those ripped monster gains like asap! No that’s creepy and freaky because all the food supplements are just supportive, they are just there to complete body nutrition needs not for providing the whole line of damn nutrition because its not a damn meal replacement guys get that please.
  7. Supplements are the reason for kidney failure. God! No, you’re your own reason for your and your damn kidney’s failure. Stick to the needy quantities for the needy content aka supplements and drink at least 2 Liter water a day and have some liver detox like the Himalayas’ Liv52.
  1. Creatine is a steroid. Are you like crazy? Creatine is a safe and natural substance found in human body and it is used for giving an energy boost to muscle cells as it is used by ATP which is responsible for energizing the muscles, the less the ATP will be the less the muscle will contract and perform, the less it performs, the less it will break, the less it will break, the less it will recover and increase in size. So, in simple words creatine is used for muscle energy enhancement which is basically a big need.
  2. Steroids are the best way to be the dream guy of all girls and have that dream physique of all boys. Did they tell you what is costs? Well, not too much just your wellbeing, your healthy lifestyle, a lot of money, your hair on your head and your only liver and your only pair of BALLS aka Testicles. Well, go on if you hate kids too, losing your balls will save you from having your kids of your future. No, seriously be wise and smart and do not be a fool and specially not a whole a-hole, it’s about your body and your life, your organs which cannot be replaced as well as your future which will definitely be destroyed for the eternity, DON’T USE STERIODS!

Okay These are some basic misconceptions, though there are like dozens of them but you will eventually get acquainted with the truths and you will like who the hell spread them and why the hell do this and you will like be angry as hell and you will then just go to gym and beat the hell out of those hellish weights and afterwards you will have the hellish diet and then you need that rest like hell and you will sleep like a baby and you will get big and ripped like hell.


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