Children’s duty towards parents


Nancy Tirthani
In the present era, there is a drastic change in the values ​​of life. The beliefs and beliefs of the society are changing at a rapid pace. Today’s person is becoming more self-centred. The generation gap between children and parents is being tossed. Children are called modern and parents are called orthodox.

Parents take care of their children with great pampering. In this age of increasing population, every family wants to control the number of children. He is limited to one or two children. In such a situation, children get a lot of love and they are brought up properly. Parents make every effort that their children do not face any kind of deprivation. He himself bears the pain, but keeps the child happy.

In such a situation, after growing up, children also have a special duty towards their parents. It is often seen that children are not able to perform their duty towards their parents properly. They are first worried about their studies and after that they worry about their bright future. Parents also help their children in shaping their future. By arranging children, they put certain expectations from them which cannot be called unreasonable, but they are traumatized when their children neglect them. Children get bent on proving their parents to be negotiable by citing the difference of generation.

Children should always remember that their parents have made them capable to lead a successful life. The slight difference seen is due to the change of time. It is also true that many parents are unable to change their thoughts according to the current of time, but there is no feeling of diminishing love for their children. Children should respect their feelings.

In old age , parents need their children. They look at him with hope. Children also have a duty not to disappoint their parents. He should help them a lot. Only financial assistance is not enough, but it is the moral obligation of the children to help them mentally and physically as well. It is the duty of the child to take care of the parents during illness and old age. Only by doing this will they be able to set a good example in front of their children. If they get into the habit of helping their parents during the student years, then it continues even later. Children should give full respect to their parents.


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