Chronicles of The Spy Priestess of NAZI.


Tanuj Bansal.

Savitri Devi Mukherjee.

Born by the name of Maximiani Julias Portas to the French father and English mother in 1905 in the French City of Lyon. She was fluent in many languages, English, French, Italian, German, Hindi, Bengal as she taught herself Modern Greek had knowledge on the Ancient Greek, Urdu and several others. Portas acquired two Master’s degrees in philosophy and chemistry then Ph.D. in philosophy from the University of Lyon. She wrote many books in her lifetime praising Nazi ideology and Depicting Hitler as avatar of Hindu god Vishnu

From Nazism to Hinduism

She travelled to Athens, Greece in 1923 as same time when thousands of refugees were misplaced at the time of Greece’s Military Campaign in Asia Minor in the end of the World War one. After Greece’s humiliation and Treaty of Versailles. She blamed it all on western allies and in her mind Greece and Germany were both victims that led her to be a National Socialist. In 1928, Portas renounced her French citizenship and then she acquired the Greek nationality. Then she embraced national socialism in Palestine after joining a pilgrimage during the Lent in the year of 1929 and she was already fascinated by the idea of Aryan purification and eradication of Jews from Europe brought by the Hitler’s Nazi that was the exact time when she decided that she is a Nazi. Portas blamed Judeo-Christianity for destroying the glory of pure Aryans. She sailed for India in the early 1930s as she believed it is the homeland of pure Aryans and living version of Europe’s pagan past, convinced by the misconceptions of caste system and forbidden intermarriage. She settled in Calcutta and started working for Hindu Nationalist Movement. While She was studying in ShantiNiketan Ashram she replaced her name by Savitri Devi and then got herself converted into Hinduism. In 1937 she met Shrimat Swami Satyanand, president of Hindu mission in Calcutta and he offered her service to the mission. She told swami about what she believes and swami was impressed and he was the one who planted the idea of Hitler being ana avatar of God Vishnu and he is here to cleanse the world from evil and stop fourth stage knows as kali yuga from Vedas and preserve the cosmic order.

Espionage and Post-War Activities.

In 1939, Savitri Devi met a Bengali brahmin Asit Krishna Mukherjee, The editor of New Mercury a Nazi mouthpiece funded by German consulate living in Calcutta. Savitri Devi claimed that Mukherjee knew Subhas Chandra Bose well and it was their contacts in the Japanese legation that Bose got touch with and whom he collaborated between 1943 to 1945. She also distributed pro-axis propaganda and she got engaged in intelligence gathering on British in India. After her marriage she and her husband continued the spying and gathering intelligence for axis cause. The info was then passed on to Japanese which was useful and resulted in successful launched military attacks against allied airbases and military units. After the defeat of Axis powers, she was devastated and she travelled to Europe again and vowed that she would do what she could to uphold the Nazi ideology. In 1945 She left India and went to Germany where she distributed thousands of copies of handwritten leaflets encouraging men and women to have faith in national socialism and resist but she got arrested for posting bills and got tried in 1949 for promotion of Nazi ideas on German territory. There she was sentenced for two years and after eight months imprisonment she was released and expelled from Germany. After returning and visiting Germany she acquainted with neo-Nazi fascists from all over the Europe and started participating among various conferences and activities.


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