Click Or Not You Are Hacked- Yours Truly Pegasus.


All about NSO’s Pegasus Zero click hacking.

Jaipur. As NSOs spyware Pegasus proving as a violation of privacy and human rights of many journalists, kings, queens and major political faces, it’s company and its users are also facing serious allegation and protests across the globe. Many mainstream media houses like Washington post, le monde and the guardian is covering and investigating it thoroughly. This investigation leads to two main type of hacking system which is used to enter in targets device, first is SPEAR PHISHING and ZERO CLICK.

Spear phishing can be done by company as, the hacker send some interactable message, link or website so that when target click or opens the message hacker will get device code and after that code provides details which companies client wants.

But, as peoples are getting aware of these type of fraud content,  hackers find a new way called zero click method in which to get your device code hacker have to just send you a message, image or a whatsapp call will do the work. These stuffs have code hidden in them inserted by spyware which interact with device solely. But there is a catch zero clicking wont work on IOS based system as it is closed operating system which company too cant access and Android system on other hand are based on open source system in which mobile companies can access users data which make them vulnerable in front of high end spyware like Pegasus. I hope I have cleared your doubt and remember you are being watched.


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