Computer: Need of today’s era


Nancy Tirthani
. Today’s scientific world is the world of computers. The way computers have shown miracles and have infiltrated every walk of life in the last 10 years, it seems that we cannot imagine life without computers like electricity.

If the computer is compared with the human brain, then it will not be wrong. In view of its usefulness, today it has been included in the curriculum in almost every school of the country. It is a machine that is capable of doing even the most difficult addition, remainder, multiplication, division etc. very quickly and with 100% accuracy. Its training facilities are also available from place to place. Many colleges and universities also have facilities for higher education and training in computers. Due to the characteristics of computer, today it has become an essential part of our life.

Nowadays computers are being used on a large scale in banks, railway stations, schools and offices etc. Computers are used for reservation at railway stations, airports. In the field of medicine, the use of computer helps a lot in treating the patient. Computers are very useful in running machines in big factories. The role of computer is also very important in making electricity bill, making telephone bill, collecting weather information, operating heavy guns, aircrafts, warships, submarines, ships etc.

Computers have also revolutionized the communication medium. Information from all over the world is available through the Internet. Information about any field of science, technology, medicine, agriculture, education, philosophy, economics, fashion, music, machines, vehicles etc. is obtained from the Internet. Now due to the phone’s connection to the computer, you can get the information received from the computer while driving, relaxing or in any situation.

The use of computers is increasing day by day. Computers are also being used in many types of predictions. ‘Janma Patrika’ is also being generated by computer.

Today the computer has become like Kalpataru and Kamdhenu for humans, because the work of human brain has started doing the computer. It is being used in almost every field. Business or job, it is necessary to have knowledge otherwise we will be left behind others.


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