Corruption: Causes and Prevention


Nancy Tirthani
‘Corruption’ means conduct against morals and law. When a person has neither the inner shame or the knowledge of righteousness (which is immorality) nor the fear of the outside (which is disobeying the law) then he can commit the most heinous sins in the world, his country, It can cause great harm to caste and society and can also tarnish humanity. Unfortunately, today India is fast moving towards destruction by getting trapped in the jaws of this thousand-faced demon of corruption.

Earlier, the countrymen used to go to the square after hearing about some scam, today they cannot. Earlier, the accused of scams used to leave their posts due to local shame, but today even if caught, they go to jail with pride, as if they are going on a mission to serve the nation. That is why corrupt practices are slowly becoming common in the entire administrative system. Today there is no sphere of Indian life, government or non-government, public or private, which is untouched by corruption. Although corruption is found in so many forms that it is not easy to classify it, yet it can be mainly divided into the following categories:

(a) Political corruption The most prominent form of corruption is political, under whose umbrella all other forms of corruption flourish and get protection. There is no such malpractice, malpractice or gimmick in the world, which is not adopted to win elections in India. These corrupt politicians are to blame for the present plight of the country, due to which many scams have happened.

(b) Administrative Corruption – This includes all those officers sitting in government, semi-government, government institutions, institutions, establishments or services who make appointments of ineligible persons due to casteism, nepotism, any kind of pressure or any other reason. , promote them, neglect their own duty and give shelter to subordinate employees who do so or make the country weak on any front by any of their actions or conduct.

(C) And by adopting other corrupt methods, businessmen who weaken the country and society come.

(d) Educational Corruption – Even a sacred field like education was not untouched by the infection of corruption. Today there is more recommendation and flattery than merit. There is a continuous decline of education due to money being more force than hard work.

Following measures should be adopted to remove corruption

(a) Promotion of ancient Indian culture As long as the indulgent western culture continues to be propagated through English education, corruption cannot be reduced. Therefore, first of all, the education of native languages ​​has to be made compulsory, life is a propagandist and a supporter of values. This will strengthen the sense of religion among Indians and all people will become religion honest.

(b) Changes in the election process In place of the present election method, such a method will have to be adopted, in which the people themselves can choose honest people dedicated to the Indian values ​​of life. People with criminal tendencies should be stopped from contesting elections, MLAs or MPs who change parties due to opportunism, their membership should be terminated, those seeking votes in the name of caste and religion should be banned. Mandatory qualification should be prescribed for MLAs-MPs.

(c) Simplification of tax system- The government has imposed thousands of types of taxes and quota permit restrictions. As a result, the trader is forced to adopt unethical methods, so hundreds of taxes and restrictions should be abolished and only a few taxes should be levied. The process of tax collection should also be made so simple that even a less educated person can deposit his tax conveniently.

(d) Reduction in Government and Administration Expenditure – Today, the government and administration of the country (which includes Indian embassies located abroad) is being spent so indiscriminately that the backs of the people are getting broken. This expenditure should be cut immediately.

(e) Inspire patriotism – The most important thing is to make a radical change in the present education system.

A person, irrespective of religion, creed or community, should be taught the lesson of patriotism.

(f) Adoption of indigenous people in the economic field – Development plans should be made according to the nature, traditions and needs of our country by adopting indigenous thinking method along with five year plans, huge dams, big power projects etc.

(g) Making the law more stringent The law against corruption should also be made more stringent and even the Prime Minister should be brought under its scrutiny.


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