Cultural Pollution by Television


Nancy Tirthani
Generally, the word pollution is used for the environment, but at present, the programs of Television are doing the work of spreading cultural pollution. This situation has reached an alarming level.

Television is a powerful means of education and entertainment. It should be put to good use. Television has been doing this work well for almost fifty years. But for the last few years, the attitude shown by television to adopt western culture in the name of so-called modernity is becoming unbearable.

The form of nudity and violence is emerging on television, it is against our Indian culture. In Indian culture, the spirit of decency and non-violence has been emphasized. The culture here has its own unique identity. Now television is trying to convert it from its point of view.

The content which is being served on television in the name of cultural programs is corrupting our young generation. Our youth are moving in the wrong direction. They are constantly forgetting their culture. They are going on adopting the indulgent view of western culture. It has become necessary to stop it immediately.

Television is giving shelter to consumerist culture. Accordingly, the thing is for sale. It is adapting its programs to the wishes of the advertisers. There is an open display of nudity in these programs. Women are being served as objects of enjoyment. The form of a mother and sister of a woman has disappeared. This is the reason that the tendency of violence, rape, robbery is increasing in the society.

Television is working to spread cultural pollution by attacking our culture. He is doing this work only with the desire to earn money. Television should not forget that it also has some moral obligation. He has to do it too. Otherwise the conscious audience will set out to revolt. We have to raise our voice against this cultural pollution.


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