Disappearances do not stop nor the Drug War does.


As the International Day of Disappeared passes on 30th of August, 90,000 recorded human lives have been disappeared into the air just like the smoke does. Relatives and Human right activists wants the Falling and the Failing state to act.

Tanuj Bansal.

Mountains and Deserts, dead vegetation and abandoned homes and buildings that’s all you can see around the Picachos del Fraile but no signs of human lives. It is based outside the north of Monterrey. Well, it’s the favorite place of drug cartels to kill their opponents, murder the innocent civilians and bury them. Maybe that’s why the drug war was raged here back in 2010. Nobody knows how many disappeared.

You can find not less than 4,000 mass graves and that’s the horrific truth of Mexico and a little part of the disappeared. Some are picked up to smuggle their drugs and other were arrested they are lost too. No traces are left behind no tracks or maybe government finds both of these but they are too scared to act. An unknown tip revealed some of the disappeared maybe buried outside the Monterrey. Officers are searching and digging the suspected areas not less than size of a soccer field and when they find bones, then they send these bones for DNA testing so That the results can matched with data provided by the families and relatives. A country which bigger about 8 times than United Kingdom itself have 90,000 disappeared people since 2006, the beginning of this blood bath. Only 6,900 bodies have recovered. People are praying for horror show to come to its end but every year more than 2,000 people disappear like they are nothing. The relationship between the government and people of the state has died over the years because of loved one lost and never found and the hearts and promises shattered into pieces. According to Washington office of Latin America (WOLA), Mostly girls of minor age groups are disappeared and no one is out their looking for other major crime than drug trafficking that is women trafficking.   


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