Do You Know These Facts About Taj Mahal.


Bet You Don’t.

  • Preeti sharma

Undoubtedly, the Taj Mahal is one of the most recognizable monument in the world. The entire complex, beautiful buildings, famous white mausoleum is a testament to the cultural sophistication of the Mughal empire. Many of us know that the Taj mahal is a symbol of post- humous love between Shah Jahan and his wife. But do you wanna know some unknown fact about Taj mahal which is really amazing .

These are 6 interesting facts about the Taj Mahal :the symbol of love.

1.Agra was not the original venue for the Taj mahal.

*Agra was always one of the favorite place of every Mughal ruler but can you believe that Taj mahal was not planned to built here.. Gosh! But its true. Agra was not supposed to be original site of the Taj mahal. Mumtaj mahal, for whom Taj is built, died during giving birth to her child not in Agra but rather in a city called Burhanpur currently in Madhya Pradesh. Shah Jahan even marked a site near Tapti river to built a memorial for his wife but sadly Burhanpur couldn’t supply enough white marble to construct monument. So Mumtaj’s remains were transported to Agra. And finally the Taj mahal was built.

2.Shah Jahan (most likely) never dismembered the artisans.

A man who went to such length to create a symbol of love would kill and dismember the people who constructed it simply sounds wrong, doesn’t? And it most likely is! There is absolutely no evidence that Shah Jahan may have committed this crime such as ones we grew up listening to.

3.The british never tried to destroy the Taj mahal.

It is said that lord William Bentinck, the governor -general of India supposedly had plans to Destroy Taj mahal and auction off the Marble. Yet again, there’s no evidence of this theory (even if he did he never succeeded, obviously).but this is true that he planned to auction off marbles from another monument in Agra, the Agra fort.

4.Mumtaz mahal was a true beauty.

Beauty of Mumtaz mahal was out of words to express. The name Mumtaz mahal was given her by shah jhan. Shah jhan loved her so much that she was known as “begum khass” .

5.Death of Mumtaz mahal.

Mumtaz and shah jha were married for 19years in which they had 14 children and Mumtaz dies giving birth to one of the children.

6.Dark side of this love

*Taj mahal was constructed after one year of Mumtaz death till then her was buried in a garden.

  • Shah Jahan has many Wives in which Mumtaz was his 2nd wife. Shah Jahan has 16 children’s and Mumtaz has been mother of his 14 child’s. It is said that After her death in few months shah Jahan did marriage with Mumtaz sister.

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