Doordarshan and students


Nancy Tirthani
. ‘Doordarshan’ means ‘darshan of distant object’. This vision is received by us by a scientific instrument which is known by the famous name of ‘television’. This is a unique gift of science to us. ‘Doordarshan’ presents to us the pictorial details of the activities around the world sitting at home. any place

And the video of the incident is filmed and broadcast on Doordarshan. During the Mahabharata period, Sanjay, sitting in Hastinapur, saw the sight of the field of Kurukshetra and narrated it to Dhritarashtra. But in the present era, this facility is easily available to every common man.

The programs broadcast on Doordarshan, being in both audio and visual form, have a greater effect on the mind and shake the mind and thoughts deeply. Programs on every subject like education, entertainment, news, sports etc. are broadcast on Doordarshan. The programs, serials, advertisements and information thus broadcast have done the work of changing the social structure rapidly. In addition to Doordarshan’s own programs, domestic and foreign channels have brought a revolution in the field of information.

Spread of education, awareness of one’s rights, new consciousness in women’s world, change in lifestyle of common man, freedom from superstitions and stereotypes are some of the positive changes which would have taken ages to achieve without the help of Doordarshan. National Geographic Discovery, E.S. New useful and unique information from pn and sports etc. channel new are presented. Students are taking special benefit from them. Latest information of changing world, change of course

Accordingly, a lot of information which they do not get in books is getting through Doordarshan. many teaching lessons,

Many quiz programs, many informative programs are increasing their knowledge.

Doordarshan has surprisingly influenced the thinking, lifestyle and standard of living of the housewives living at home. She has become more knowledgeable and confident than before. While so many benefits are visible from Doordarshan, there are many such side-effects which are deeply ingrained. The main purpose of the programs shown on Doordarshan is entertainment. Due to the competition among cable channels, the level of this entertainment has become very shallow.

Slum programs are shown on Doordarshan in order to garner maximum viewership. Movies with more action and sex drive are aired. In the midst of all this, how can it be that children will watch only informative programmes, but the bitter truth is that they watch other programs with more interest. behind these programs Eating, drinking, reading and writing, even playing and playing, everything is getting ruined. Even after withholding lakhs of parents, children are unable to stop themselves and spend most of their time watching TV. want to spend in front of

The members of the house sit in front of it except for mutual dialogue and family discussion. Children, teenagers, young men and women, housewives are all caught in its entanglement. They are wasting their precious time, health and eyes behind this. Women are showing a sense of extravagance and luxury by constantly seeing attractive advertisements of new clothes, items and cosmetics. Therefore, the government should not let the programs being broadcast on it become only a means of profit; Rather, allow only such advertisement programs and serials to be shown which should be the cause of development, not the destruction of the society.


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