Earning is to be done from Mutual Fund, prepare these documents.


Mutual Fund Investment: To start investing in mutual funds, some important documents are required, which we should prepare in advance.

  • Devesh Tiwari

Mutual Funds are an instrument through which you can make lump sum or regular investments. In this, there is less risk than direct investment in the stock market. Returns can also be higher than traditional options such as bank FD, RD. In simple words, a mutual fund is actually a fund made up of many people’s money. In which the amount invested is used to invest in different places.

In this, it is the endeavor of the fund house to give maximum return to the investor on his money. For this there are professional fund managers. These fund managers manage your money, where to invest your money, so that you can get better returns. To start investing in mutual funds, some important documents are required, which we should prepare in advance.

Planning to invest in Mutual Funds?

Mutual funds can be invested in lump sum or through Systematic Investment Plan (SIP). Investing in mutual fund schemes can be started with as little as Rs 100. The advantage of this is that even if your monthly income is low, you can still take advantage of investing in mutual fund schemes. Through this, you can also get good returns in the long term. However, investing in mutual funds is also subject to market risks. That is, volatility in the stock market affects the performance of mutual fund schemes.

Mutual fund: These documents will be needed

Individual investor has to complete KYC (KYC- Know your customer) compliance for investing in Mutual Funds. As per the information available on the website of ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund, documents are required for KYC. These include address proof and identity proof documents. For identity proof, you can give Aadhaar number, passport, voter ID card or driving license.

At the same time, PAN card will have to be given along with the photo. AK Nigam, director of BPN Fincap, says that PAN card should be linked with Aadhaar. This will become mandatory from 30 September 2021. Now investing in mutual funds is becoming more and more digital. Therefore mobile number and email id should be kept.

You can give these documents for address proof

ICICI Pvt. According to the website of KYC, you will also have to provide documents of address proof. These include passport, voter ID card, ration card, registered lease or sale agreement, driving license, flat maintenance bill, insurance copy and copy of landline telephone bill, electricity bill or gas bill (not older than 3 months). Apart from this, you can also provide many other documents as address proof.
For example, you can give address proof for KYC from gazetted officer, notary public, bank manager of commercial banks, representative of assembly or parliament, governments or statutory authority.

Benefits of investing in mutual funds

AK Nigam says that mutual funds are such a way through which you can invest in any asset class. If you plan to buy gold, then you will get the option of gold fund. Similarly, you will get options like debt funds for fixed deposits, infra funds for real estate.

In mutual fund investing, you get the advice of a professional. Your money is managed by a fund manager. More importantly, investing in it can be started with just Rs 100.


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