Everything is fare in love, war and Bollywood


Preeti sharma

At least this is how our filmmakers think about. Actually we as a audience never understood that what kind of image of our society has been created by Bollywood movies and TV shows. Bollywood has created a fancy world where girl is sweet, smile, beautiful and most importantly quite, acceptable, adjustable. Where the man is muscular, aggressive, rich. This is how Bollywood movie has set standards for everything.

Bollywood is guilty of passing off problematic things like stalking and body shaming as romantic and funny in the name of entertainment. However is it really fare? Its not!!!

Glorifying toxic relationship and gift wrapping violent behavior as “manliness” is not cool at all. But here it is a big misconception that girls like violent and aggressive man like kabir singh. Wait why will anyone like a drug addict or a person with no control on his behaviour??? But here it is a big fact that this movie had been a block blaster hit and had a business around 377 crore all over the world. It is true that as a audience we loved these stereotypical characters as Hero’s in movie, it seems quite problematic .

Not just unhealthy relationships or fake muscularity, Bollywood also has a habit of normalising sensitive issues like racism, bullying and even hurting the sentiment of community with its characters .

Here are some questionable and ethically wrong man characters we have seen in Bollywood movies which are simply problematic and promote the existing stereotypes about man.

1.The fat funny guy

  • This person is sidekick of hero and the butts of jokes every time. He is either thinking about food or is seen with food at the time while constantly telling people that he’s on diet. We all have laughed at him without even realising that it is “body shaming” in the worst possible way.
  1. The gay best friend

*Every hot girl needs a gay best friend, according to Bollywood logic, who can give her lesson on shoes, bags and boys!!!
However the character was so stereotypical and weirdly portraited that it even was offensive for whole LGBT community.

  1. The macho hero.

*The most problematic things was that macho hero whose machoness can be seen out by the sweat on his face .
The angry young man concept of indian cinema shows that a man should be aggressive, muscular, emotionless and violent as all these characters would define his as “mard” according to Bollywood logic.

4.The rude father.

  • Now this is the most favourite character of all filmmaker in Bollywood as this can be seen in every single movie.
    Amitabh’s dialogue “kh diya na, to bss kh diya” from kbhi khushi kbhi gum to Amrish puri’s character in DDLJ who’s expected his daughter and wife to live life according to him is really rude. The desi dad’s in movie had always shown rude, strict ,controlling and so dominating.
    Well for a change we need more feminist and cool dad’s like bunny’s father in “Yeh jawani hai dewani” or piku’s dad from piku.
  1. The stalker lover

*Bollywood had glorified stalking as the acceptable way to approach a girl, but it is only problematic and wrong. We all loved maddy in RHTBM and kundan in Ranjanaa ,but think about it they were just a creepy stalkers who lied, cheated and manipulated things to impress girl. And how can we forget that most common still irritating dialogue “hassi to fassi”.

  1. The “bechara boy” !!
  • Dear Bollywood smart men, specially those with glasses, are not awkward but rather attractive and a catch, so stop showing them as losers .

Boys with glasses and innocent characters are often bullied and called “double battery” and “Chasmish”and shown as good for nothing , until they are the main hero’s and get a makeover ,of course you must be thinking about the main Hero from “Tarzan: the wonder car”, or Rohit mehra from “koi mil gya” but let me tell you the true boys with glasses are damm attractive!!

So Dear Bollywood stop showing these stupid characters in your films and make some genuine and ethically correct content atleast.

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