Feroze Gandhi: The Forgotten Gandhi.

feroze khan

Preeti Sharma.

Many of us who knows feroze gandhi, remembers him as the husband of our first lady Prime Minister Indira Gandhi or as father of rajiv and sanjay gandhi but the legacy of firoze gandhi is beyond that Identity. September 8 mark this date as his death anniversary.

He was Born on 12 September 1912, feroze gandhi was an freedom fighter, political leader, Journalist, loksbha member. Feroze gandhi completed his studies from london, and after coming back to india he started working as managing director of the newspaper national herald. He was the part of indian Independence movement because of that he went to jail many times.

We all remember him as the husband of our first lady Prime Minister Indira Gandhi but do you know that Indira’s father Mr. Nehru was against this marriage.

So this is the time for some interesting facts about how feroze khan turned into Feroze Gandhi :-

  • Feroze and Indira’s love story was quite famous those days. feroze and indira was in love since the age of 16 where Indira was just 13-14.They both went to Paris for studies and after coming back they decided to get married.
  • But as usual like every single love story there was a twist Mr. Nehru opposed his marriage. He never wanted feroze to be his son in law. But it’s interesting that he mentioned that he was never against of feroze but he knew that their marriage would never be accepted by the society.
  • The other reason why Nehru hated Feroze was that he was an journalist. And soon he started writing about corruption in Nehru’s government. This made nehru against him.
  • Actually as every typical Bollywood movie everyone was against feroze and Indira’s marriage, because feroze was half Muslim and half Parsi.
  • In all this dramatic seen one person jumped in as godfather yes!! Your guess is right that were Mr Gandhi known as the father of the nation.
  • At that time Gandhi was in peak of his political career when he announced that he would adopt feroze khan as his son and gave him his surname Gandhi that’s how feroze khan turned into feroze Gandhi. After that everyone accepted feroze and Indira’s marriage.
  • Now you all would must be thinking that why did Gandhi took this step so let me tell you the other side of this great charity done by Mr. Gandhi. Basically Mr. Gandhi always wanted that his name should always be alive and everyone should remember it. And Gandhi always saw the great leader in Indira’s eyes so he decided to gave Indira and Feroze his name to continue his legacy.
  • Feroze Gandhi died in 1960 in Willingdon hospital in Delhi, followed by heart attack.

So i hope you understand that feroze gandhi was much more than a father, husband, son in law of the gandhi family he was a stronge person with high dedication towards his work, he was successful leader, journalist and freedom fighter but still he has always been lost in the chapters of history.

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