Fight against terrorism


Nancy Tirthani

Etawah. Terrorism is a violence or harmful act committed against civilians for political or other ideological goals. The basic aim of those indulging in such dreadful activities is to cause injuries, create confusion and lower the morale of people. It strikes horror into the hearts of the harmless. It kills innocent and unsuspecting people without distinction between man, woman, or child, Property both public and private is destroyed without any consideration of the harm and loss incurred by the general community.

Terrorism includes –

Acts of Violence
Acts to create Psychological impact and fear
Acts perpetrated for a political goal
The deliberate targeting of civilians

Terrorists can strike in various forms, any time, anywhere, as their aim is to create chaos and disrupt normalcy. India along with many other countries has been at one time or another the victim of terrorism.

The series of thirteen bomb explosions that rocked Bombay City on March 12, 1993 resulted in over 250 civilian deaths and 700 injured. This was an example of the most contemptible act of the terrorists.

Since then, terrorists have targeted the railways stations, bus terminals, markets, hospitals, hotels, schools and other public places of the country a number of times.

After the attacks on the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon in USA on 11 September, 2001, the fight against terrorism has become a top global priority.

The terrorist attack on the Parliament of India on Dec. 13, 2001 was a high profile attack by militants on the Democracy of India.

The attacks, carried out by terrorists using automatic. weapons caused the death of 173 people and injured 308. It was a sort of war that began on 26 November 2008 and ended on 29 November 2008, claiming the lives of many distinguished police officers and innocent people.

How, can you, an ordinary human being, fight terrorism.

  1. Ignore it
  2. Show no fear
  3. Don’t be provoked
  4. Refuse to alter your lifestyle in any way

Terrorists and anti-national elements are out to cause damage and destruction to lives and property by means of planting explosives in the form of innocent looking objects. This can happen at railway stations, in trains, at bus terminals, in buses, in market places, at religious gatherings and on roads too. Foil these attempts by being alert.

Be Alert and Watchful to Save a Disaster. .

Do not touch any unclaimed / unidentified/ unattended objects like briefcase, mobile phone, transistor, doll, purse, packets, tiffin carrier lying at any public place.

• If a suspicious package is found, stay calm, do not spread rumours, don’t touch it, move away quickly and send a text message to police, possibly with a photograph. That’s how police want people to respond when they see something unattended and looks like a bag with explosives.

• Do not accept to take care of any luggage from strangers at railway stations, bus terminals, in trains or buses.
• Do not become too friendly with co-travellers while travelling. Don’t reveal all about yourself to them.

Do not receive any food from co-travellers, no matter how close you become.

• Watch out for suspicious looking persons, luggage or activity around you at railway stations and in trains.

We are Indians; we must forget our religious and racial differences. We must become united and fight tooth and nail against this ugly menace of terrorism. This fight can be won only if we become vigilant and take concrete steps to prevent the attacks. It is high time that the government formulates a systematic plan to counter the attacks. It is possible by using latest technology in the use of arms and ammunition.


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