Tanuj Bansal

    The War Hero before is now an evil in flesh who is responsible for horrible killings of four people in Florida. He was high on methamphetamine during the killings.

    Bryan Riley, 33, an Ex-marine, sharpshooter and a ‘war hero’ who served in both Iraq and Afghanistan is responsible of killing 4 innocent civilians including a mother holding her three-month infant baby killing them both fatally. An eleven-year-old girl was also shot multiple times and was fatally injured but is expected to revive. Riley also engaged in a massive gunfight with police and deputies before he got injured and surrendered. Riley who is charged with several heinous crimes was suffering from War veteran related Post Trauma Stressed Disorder, a serious mental health condition which results in heavy depression, reliving the events through flashbacks. Authorities said he has virtually no criminal record and they are not dealing with a traditional criminal. In the aftermath, Bryan told the police “They begged for their lives but I killed them anyways”, when asked why he killed a three-month infant, he replied “I’m a sick guy, I want to confess to all of it and sent to jail”. According to the locals of the area, Riley approached Justice Gleason and told him God sent him there to stop his daughter named ‘Amber’ was going to commit suicide. He went back and came back to his home after several hours wearing full body armor and a bulletproof vest with multiple guns on him and shot the victims and authorities also said he was camouflaged. He even shot the family dog. His girlfriend who has been living with him from last four years was cooperative and told the authorities he was suffering from P.T.S.D but he was never violent but has become increasingly erratic. She also said he’d spent the previous week stockpiling supplies and 1,000$ worth cigars what was a mission god told him to accomplish for the victims of Hurricane Ida. While under treatment in hospital he also told authorities he was on methamphetamine and has stocked his vehicle with supplies for a gunfight including bleeding control kits. He also wrestled with an officer to grab his gun but was ultimately tied down and medicated. He was a war hero who fought for his country before the morning he committed mass murders and now he is cold-blooded killer, but the question remains why did he do this with assurance of no answers.


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