Gippy Grewal Work done from security guard to waiter

    Gippy Grewal
    Gippy Grewal

    Gippy Grewal had dreams to become a star in my eyes, but then there were no means. Dad was an engineer and I didn’t study. Under the pressure of family members, he did a course in hotel management. Moved to Delhi in 1999″ said Gippy Grewal.

    Devesh Tiwari

    Gippy Grewal struggle story

    Gippy Grewal, a well-known actor of Punjabi cinema, is known to everyone in the Hindi world as well. Sometime back he was also seen with actress Zareen Khan.

    His success story is inspiring. He did such things which usually man does only under compulsion. His father was an engineer and under family pressure, he did a course in hotel management and moved to Delhi in 1999. After this, he started working as a waiter in Crowne Plaza Surya Hotel. Here he also worked as a chef.

    Salary was Rs 6500

    Here he used to get a salary of about 65 hundred rupees and from this his expenses started coming. After this he got married and went to Canada. His wife Ravneet Kaur started working in Subway and he started working as a security guard. It was fine here for some time but then things didn’t work out, so the toilets also started cleaning. His wife never told anyone about these circumstances.

    Was fond of singing and acting since childhood

    Gippy Grewal was fond of singing and acting since childhood and because of this he used to do some shows. He slowly started collecting money to release the album. When I had some money, I would come to India and meet music companies.

    For many years there was only disappointment. Once a director asked him to shoot an album. He came to Ludhiana and shot the album. But when he went back to Delhi, the director refused to recognize him.

    Album in 2005

    In the year 2005, his album Phulkari-2 came out and after that he did not look back. After this he got the role of supporting actor in the film ‘Mel Kara De Rabba’. He also appeared in ‘Jine Mera Dil Lutiya’ with Diljit and then came his film ‘Mirza’, which gave him tremendous fame. His film ‘Carry on Jatta’ is also very popular.



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