Grammy Award winner Falguni Shah said – had gone into depression after the death of her father, wrote this album to come out


Grammy award is very important for an artist. Whenever an artist is honored with this award, then every door of the world of music opens for him

Shivani Agarwal

Indian-American singer Falguni Shah, who lives in New York, recently won the ‘Best Children’s Music Album’ category for her album ‘A Colorful World’ at the Grammy Awards, which is recently called the Oscars of the music industry. After winning the award, Falguni had an exclusive conversation with Dainik Bhaskar from America and told about his journey. Falguni said that she made this album when she was going through depression. Actually, Falguni’s father passed away last year, after which she went into depression. To get out of this darkness, he started writing down the moments spent with his father. At that time he did not even think that he would be awarded a Grammy Award for his work.

Falguni went into depression after father’s death

Bhaskar Interview: ‘A Colorful World’ is dedicated to my father. It is because of his blessings that today I have been honored with such a big award. This album is very close to my heart, because through it I have been able to express the moments I spent with my father. Actually, I lost my father last year. I was very close to him. I had gone into depression. That was the darkest period of my life for me. To get out of this, I wrote this song. In this, I have threaded the first five years of my life spent with my father. Through this song I have tried to express my childhood memories. Still can’t believe that because of this album, I have won the Grammy.

The Grammy Award is Very Important for Artists

Grammy award is very important for an artist. Whenever an artist is honored with this award, then every door of the world of music opens for him. The world changes for the artist. We get a chance to perform in festivals happening all over the world. Along with this, recognition is also available all over the world. To be honest, the dream of not knowing how many years has now been fulfilled.

Falguni used to practice classical music for 16 hours

I love when I represent my country globally. I take great pride in calling myself an Indian. If I can contribute even a little bit in making the name of my country proud, then I consider myself lucky. This award is for all my countrymen. I used to practice classical music for 16 hours every day in Mumbai. At that time we did not have any kind of social media platform or YouTube. We had to focus on doing Riyaz only and only. I have worked very hard to reach this point. Today I am able to present myself globally because of what I have learned in India. I have reached this stage because of the blessings of my mentor and father.

Falguni’s two songs are about to be released

Currently, I have two more albums ready for release. The first of them is ‘American Patch Works for Teds’ and the second is EDM (Electric Dance Music) in both of these albums I have mixed Indian and American music. In ‘American Patch Works for Teds’, I have given Indian classical touch to the old folk songs of America, whereas in ‘EDM’ I have given American music the folk music associated with different cultures of our India, such as Gujarati, Maharastrian, Rajasthani. Touched. Obviously, after winning the Grammy, people will have double expectations from my upcoming songs. I only pray that I live up to the expectations of the people.


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