Healthy body is the first happiness


Nancy Tirthani
. There are many types of happiness in the world. In all of these, healthy body, that is, the health of the body, is considered to be the most important. It is necessary for the body to be healthy for the practice of karma. To keep the body fit, fit and healthy, exercise should be done regularly. Sports are also an easy form of exercise. Just as the body needs food to stay healthy, exercise is also needed by the body. An unhealthy body deprives life of all kinds of pleasures. There is an English proverb that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body.

By doing regular exercise, both body and mind remain happy. With this, the radiance starts showing in the form. Exercising in the open air fills the lungs with fresh air and purifies the blood. This increases the force in the body.

Exercise enhances our digestive power. Feeling hungry after exercising. Food eaten in hunger is beneficial. Such a person does not have disease. Exercising removes sweat from the body and makes the body lighter. Exercise is a boon of life which is accessible to all.

A person who runs away from exercise becomes sick. His body begins to disintegrate. Laziness engulfs his body. And while running away, his breath starts to swell. His digestive power gets disturbed. His nature becomes irritable and he starts feeling like his life is a burden. Such a person not only suffers himself, but also becomes a burden for others.

Our ancient sages have laid great emphasis on exercise and yoga. He has given many asanas of pranayama and yoga. He has given the knowledge of these yogasanas to humans in oral and written form. A person who exercises regularly does not get old quickly. Children should be given exercise practice from childhood. Different types of sports are also part of exercise. Youth should participate in all kinds of sports. Here, there is a hankering among people towards Pranayama and Yoga. We should understand the usefulness of exercise in life and make it an essential part of life.

We have to always remember that the greatest happiness of life is a healthy body (body). Only then can other pleasures be enjoyed. When the body is healthy An unhealthy person cannot be successful in doing any work. Therefore, efforts should be made to make the body healthy.


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