If there is discipline, there is progress.


Nancy Tirthani
. Discipline is very important in life. All the elements of life are bound by discipline. If we look at nature, we will see that all their activities are disciplined, when the time comes, trees and plants are laden with fruits and flowers, old leaves of trees fall off and new leaves come in their place. . Winter, summer, rain come only in their fixed months. Even a slight change in their time-table puts the life of the entire animal world in danger.

In the development of the nation and society, it is necessary for the citizens of that country to be disciplined. Discipline means binding oneself to certain rules and acting according to them. It is also a pleasure to be in discipline, but today the feeling of indiscipline is increasing among the individuals. This is what is always being read in the newspapers, today dacoits robbed a certain bank in Delhi, five shops were looted, buses were set on fire, etc. such things are read every day. If an employee is prevented from doing wrong work in an office, then he thinks to stop all the office work. As a result, work in important offices gets stopped for a long time.

In the absence of discipline, there is an empire of anarchy in the society, there is no importance of discipline in wild animals, due to which their life remains unprotected and terrorized. Due to the development of civilization and culture, the importance of discipline in life also increased, in today’s era without discipline man cannot do anything.

Man remains civilized only as long as he acts according to the orders of his instincts. As soon as human tendencies start becoming more, then he becomes a demon instead of human, so there must be some rules for the full development of man. Following discipline is not a hindrance in the path of man, but provides favorable opportunities for him to reach progress.

In the army, the importance of discipline is even greater. The reason for the victory of foreign soldiers in India was to be disciplined, while the army of the Indian princes was undisciplined, countries like Germany and Japan dreamed of world conquest due to being disciplined. In the Second World War, it was shown how important discipline is.

Student life is very delicate. Discipline is of great importance in this period. Due to indiscipline in colleges, students go on strike every day. It becomes the duty of the student to sabotage, beat up. Political parties keep instigating students for indiscipline to bake their bread. There is a lack of character building moral education in the modern education system, due to which the students are disorderly. Students cannot get admission in good colleges even after getting good marks.

Today we have to move on the path of progress, then we should be disciplined and to be disciplined, instead of the education system of our country, such education system should be improved. Macaulay’s education system should be developed which can make the students business proficient. Good movies should be shown so that the mentality of youth can be made healthy.


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