Importance of Electrical Energy in the modern world


Nancy Tirthani
As we all know, electrical energy is very important in this modern world. All our life activities are totally dependent on the availability of this wonderful power. Energy requirement is increasing day by day due to the advancement of technology, increasing number of vehicles and industries, population growth etc. All the manual works are getting mechanized and that demand more and more energy.

Production of electrical energy

Electrical energy is produced from two types of sources. Renewable and Nonrenewable sources. Renewable sources such as water, wind, solar and tidal can be used again and again. They will not get depleted. But, nonrenewable sources such as coal, petrol, diesel and natural gas will get depleted with use.

Need to conserve Fossil Fuels

Formation of fossil fuels will take millions of years. We have a finite supply of fossil fuels and they are not sustainable by production or any other way instantly. These fossil fuels are depleting very fast day by day. The condition is going to be worst if we continue to use it in the same way we do now. Recent surveys reveal a shocking fact that we are going to be out of petrol, diesel and natural gas within 40 years and coal within 200 years. Imagining a world without electrical energy is impossible for the humans. Thus, we need to reduce the use of these precious natural resources at the maximum extent. So, all the nations of the world are looking for alternate sustainable sources like wind, tidal and solar power.

Environmental problems due to burning of fossil fuels

Burning of fossil fuels release CO2 and other pollutants to the atmosphere and also to the earth causing global warming and temperature rise. It leads to very severe environmental issues like air pollution, ocean pollution, soil pollution, habitat destruction and many more dangerot hazards that challenge the existence of life on this planet.

Change to a new world of Green Energy

Energy produced by using wind, tidal and solar is called green energy. They are sustable and will not run out with use. Increasing use of the sources- will reduce environmental pollution and the threat to our planet earth.

Contribute to a new better green world

As human beings living in this planet, it is our duty to protect our natural environment and the precious natural resources and thereby saving for the future generations. We have to think about the various measures we can do to avoid the wastage of energy and thereby the natural resources.

Tips to save energy

  1. Tum off all the electrical and electronic devices when not in use.
  2. Replace your incandescent light bulbs and fluorescent tubes to energy efficient LED bulbs and tubes
  3. Old electrical equipment and appliances will consume more energy. Upgrade them to star certified energy efficient products.
  4. Run your washing machine on full load. Less load and full load will take the same energy Over loading will cause energy wastage.
  5. Slow cooking in microwave can save energy. Avoid opening the door while cooking. Turn off before the cook cycle ends. 6. Adjust the thermostat of your AC according to the manufacturer’s directions. Use window curtains and keep the windows and doors tightly closed.
  6. Use automatic ON/OFF systems or alarms to your motor to avoid over flowing the water tank. Repair leaky taps and fittings to avoid wastage of water and energy.
  7. Boil only the required water. Better to use solar water heaters.
  8. Install rooftop solar panels to power your home and save your own money.
  9. Keep your TV, computer and lap top to sleep or hibernate mode instead of screen saver to reduce energy use when they are inactive.
  10. Unplug your mobile charger after charging.
  11. Iron the cloths on weekly basis to avoid pressing them whenever required.
  12. In the offices, make sure that everything is turned off when you leave.
  13. Remind the staff periodically to turn off their electronics when not in use.
  14. Design energy efficient buildings to minimize energy use.

Appeal to the public and private enterprises, offices, schools, hospitals etc to avoid wastage of electrical energy by adopting suitable measures and informing the employees for the same. Better change to Solar power. Energy wastage is widespread by the road side hotels, restaurants and marriage homes by lighting countless number of lights to attract customers for their personnel benefits. Concerned authorities must take immediate action to stop such energy wastage.

Plant more saplings Live Green…Live Long Save Energy Save Natural Resources… save Money.


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