Importance of newspapers


Nancy Tirthani
Man is a conscious and inquisitive animal. He wants to be aware not only about his surroundings but also about the things of the country and abroad. He wants to convey his ideas to the people and get acquainted with the views of other people. It fulfills – newspapers.

Newspapers have become an essential part of human life today. A man searches the newspaper as soon as he wakes up in the morning. His daily routine starts with reading the newspaper. Although news is also known through the medium of Doordarshan etc., but newspapers have a different attraction. In this, apart from country and foreign and local news, many other types of information are given; Such as related to marital relations, related to job-business, entertainment related, sports related, health related, weather related etc. In fact, the newspaper is the mirror of the society. Various information given in newspapers enhances the knowledge of man, so people read newspapers regularly to be successful in various competitive examinations. For the success of democracy, the importance of newspapers is even greater. Newspaper is a powerful medium to convey the policies of the government to the people and the reaction of the people to the government. Newspapers have a special contribution in making people politically aware.

In modern times, newspapers are being used in the form of many types of advertisements. Newspapers are filled with many types of advertisements.

In this way, it will not be an exaggeration to call today’s newspapers ‘Lamp of Aladdin’. They are useful for us in various ways. But nowadays newspapers are no longer fair. Few politicians, wealthy or influential people buy their freedom with their money. Therefore, the news published in them is influenced by the party or party concerned. Newspaper editors should do their work impartially. Only then will they be called true benefactors of the people, they will become true and alert watchdogs of democracy.


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