Importance of sports in our lives


Nancy Tirthani
There was a time when it was said – ‘Padhoge-likhoge, you will become the Nawab, if you will play, you will be spoiled’. But the importance of sports in the present time is unquestionable. Recognizing the importance of sports, sports have been made compulsory in education systems around the world.

Sports develop our body and mind properly. Playing strengthens the body. Muscles become firm and strong, proper alignment comes in the body. All the senses of the body remain active. There is proper circulation of blood throughout the body. By playing in the open air, oxygen goes to the lungs in more quantity, due to which not only the lungs but the whole body gets filled with new energy. There is an open hunger and whatever is eaten gets digested. This creates new blood. The essence is that every action of the body continues in the proper way through sports. The body does not have any disease and the body remains fit and agile.

When the body is healthy, the mind is also happy. A person with a happy body and mind does every work diligently and with hard work, which yields good results. A healthy body and mind make a healthy society.

In today’s time sports has emerged as a business. Various types of competitions organized at national and international level provide wealth, fame and prestige to the players. Individual and national honors are at stake on the performance of the best players from around the world in the Olympic Games. Every player have dreams of participating in these games. It is the result of wealth, fame and popularity in the field of sports that the world’s top players are the owners of crores of wealth today. These are ideal men for teenagers and youth.

To reach this stage of the game, it is necessary- dedication and determination power towards the game. Good players are always polite to the opponent. They correct their mistakes by being arrogant, appreciating the good game of others and accepting their defeat from the heart. Thus sports give the message of victory in defeat, hope in despair and discipline and restraint in life. Sports develop those social qualities in which no one is big or small, everyone is equal. This proves that sports have special importance for physical, mental and spiritual development in life.


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