India completes 81 crore vaccination till now


Abhay Chauhan

More than eighty one crore doses of Covid vaccine had been registered around the country since the start of the vaccination throughout the country.

As in keeping with the CoWIN dashboard, more than eighty one.seventy three crore doses had been given – 60.97 crore have been given the first dose, at the same time as 20.75 crore doses have been registered as the second dose. Among states, Uttar Pradesh is at the top with 9.57 crore Covid-19 vaccinations, and Maharashtra at 7.43 crore at second position, Madhya Pradesh at 5.82 crore, Gujarat at 5.71 crore, and Rajasthan at 5.37 crore.

Last 10 crore doses took eleven days only, mentioned by Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya. The country took eighty five days complete the 10-crore vaccination mark, forty five greater days to go the 20-crore mark and 29 extra days to attain the 30 crore, told the health ministry.

India took 24 days to attain forty crore from 30 crore doses after which 20 extra days to go the 50-crore vaccination mark on August 6. It took 19 extra days to move beyond the 60-crore mark and took handiest thirteen days to attain 70 crore from 60 crore on September 7.


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