India of the twenty first century


Nancy Tirthani
. We have entered the twenty first century. The imagination of the twenty-first century is very curious and exhilarating. We have passed through the last phase of the twentieth century and have entered the twenty-first century.

The twenty-first century will be full of achievements for India. In this century, the use of computers will predominate. Computer will replace the mechanical brain. Computer will play an important role in election-analysis, gathering and analysis of political information and working of government offices. Many critics have expressed the possibility that this will make the problem of unemployment even worse. The government’s plan is that manpower will be used in other areas, so this apprehension will prove to be unfounded.

India is currently engulfed by the problem of poverty. He is trying to get rid of this problem from last 40-50 years. Achieving economic independence has been one of the goals of India. The Government of India is striving towards making the economy in a planned manner. It is hoped that in the 21st century, the curse of poverty will have departed from us. Poverty will be eradicated as soon as the goal of providing employment, clothing, food and housing to every countryman is fulfilled. The happy life of all Indians is being imagined in the twenty-first century.

The Government of India is trying to make a fundamental change in the education system. Preparations are being made in full swing to implement the new education policy. The good results of the establishment of Navodaya Vidyalayas being established now have started getting results in the beginning of the 21st century. Talented students from these schools will be fully capable of changing the course of the country. By then even the name of illiteracy in India would have been eradicated. In that century all human beings will be educated. Adequate work will be done in this direction, we all have full hope.

The rate of industrial development in India is still low. Efforts are on in this direction. With the advent of the twenty first century, our industries will be able to produce at full speed. New units are being set up for industries. It is hoped that in the twenty-first century the network of industries will be laid and we will be able to survive in the world-market competition.

Although the condition of agriculture is still satisfactory, yet it is absolutely necessary to provide better facilities to agriculture considering the rate of population growth and envisioning the twenty-first century. It is necessary to increase the production of pulses. In the twenty-first century, we will be able to fully recover from the food crisis.

The twenty-first century will be of information technology. In this century, the facilities of computer, internet, e-mail, fax, chatting etc. will be at the zenith. India will be able to compete with other developed countries of the world. The twenty-first century will belong to India. The flag of India will fly in the world.

India will definitely find a solution to the problem of unemployment in the 21st century. Along with the availability of jobs, self-employment scheme will also be implemented effectively. People will be able to earn their living by running their business. Self-reliance is very essential. Without it freedom would have no meaning.

India will emerge as a strong nation in the twenty first century. Terrorist activities will end and the spirit of unity and integrity will be spread in the country. India has always been a peaceful country.


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