Indian Bodybuilding Star Manoj Patil attempts suicide


    Abhay Chauhan


    Manoj Patil, who is a well known bodybuilder and has won the many titles in India reportedly tried suicide with the aid of using eating a few capsules at his home in Oshiwara on Wednesday.

    He was taken to Cooper hospital through his family contributors and buddies in an subconscious state. Doctor on Thursday afternoon stated, “He has regained cognizance and is in a stable condition. We have taken samples from his body to discover what he had consumed. We have updated the police officers about his health condition.”

    Manoj Patil, had in advance claimed that he was going through cyber bullying and blamed actor Sahil Khan for his situation.

    Patil lately gave a written complaint to the Oshiwara police station towards Sahil Khan — recognized for starring in 2001 film Style. According to Patil’s allegations, Sahil Khan is harassing him for the from 2 years through defaming his shop.

    Sahil Khan on Thursday denied the allegations, and stated he too could inn a police grievance.

    Patil had lately taken to Instagram to explain how he turned into being allegedly targeted by Khan. In the post he stated, “I will reveal Khan. Due to him I had been receiving plenty of messages and calls from people. He has been bullying me for 2 years. He has been finding data to defame me.”

    Responding to the allegations, Khan stated at a press conference, “His trouble isn’t with me. It’s with Raj Faujdar (an body building athlete). I simply helped Faujdar, who alleged that he offered him expired steroids worth Rs 2 lakh in 2019. Faujdar suffered coronary heart issues and requested him to give back the money. When he did not gave it, Faujdar approached me. So I used my social media profile to add a video to cope with Faujdar’s problem wondering he might give back his money. I can even lodge a police report. There is a huge racket. People are making wrong supplements and action needs to be taken towards them.”


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