India’s population: a serious problem


Nancy Tirthani
Many types of economic and social problems exist in independent India. Among these problems, increasing population is a serious problem. India is the second country after China in terms of population. The population here had also crossed the figure of 1 billion 21 crores in the year 2011. If it continues to grow at this pace, then one day it will overtake China too.

There are many reasons for the increase in population in India. The most prominent of these are the religious feelings, superstition and illiteracy of Indians. Most of the population of India lives in villages. The people living in the villages are superstitious, uneducated and believe in religious beliefs. They consider the child as a gift from God. The means of family planning are described as anti-religious and immoral. That is why the population in the villages has expanded rapidly and is happening. According to Indians, it is necessary to have at least one son in the family for the growth of the family and to get rid of the debt of the father. This son becomes the cause of his father’s salvation by performing Pind Daan and performing Shradh. Therefore, until the son is obtained, the birth of a child continues.

Child marriage is also no less responsible for the growth of population. Although the marriage of a young man below 21 years of age and a girl below 18 years of age is illegal as per the law in the country, this law has not been strictly enforced. As a result, only 15-16 year old girls are married in villages, due to which she is burdened with motherhood at a very young age. Another reason for the increase in population is the decrease in the death rate in the country. In the present era, the death rate has come down due to the spread of medical facilities. Therefore, it has also had an effect on the population.

There are many ill effects of population growth. Due to this the problem of unemployment is increasing. Due to the increase of the problem of unemployment, many other problems related to it such as problems of crime, corruption, poverty, decline in the standard of living, malnutrition etc. have also appeared. Due to the high population, people are migrating from the villages to the cities. Today, for the growing population in the metros, there has been such a shortage of habitable land that people are forced to live in slums, slums etc. Although India has made unprecedented progress in the industrial sector, but due to the continuous growth of population, this progress seems to be very less. Population growth is the biggest contributor to increasing unemployment. Most of the unemployed youths turn to crime, which disturbs the peace and order in the country.

To curb the growth of population, it is necessary to bring awareness among the people of the villages. It is imperative to encourage them for family planning. For this it is necessary to educate the girls. Marriage law should also be strictly enforced to keep the family confined. Educated youth and women can contribute in this regard. Therefore, the spread of education has become very necessary. The family planning program has remained only on paper and its promotion is seen more in the cities. Unless it is carried out in a very well-planned manner in rural areas, it will be difficult to control the growth of population.


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