Indore Woman troubles herself for dancing on the road.


Abhay Chauhan


A female was filmed going to dance in the street at a hectic intersection in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, after the road light became red. The act, was done for an Instagram video, has now landed her in problem with the police, who’ve sent her a notice for violating rules.
The female, is recognized as Shreya Kalra, shared the video on her Instagram account 4 days ago, from in which it quick went viral. In the video Ms Kalra was wearing black, walking on the street to a zebra crossing as vehicles slowed to a stop. She then danced to Woman via way of means of Doja Cat, at the same time as commuters ready on the traffic sign seemed confused through her performance.

The video was filmed at Rasoma Square in Indore. At the start of the clip, the girl additionally filmed herself at a public location with out a mask – some thing which numerous people in social media criticised her for.

MP Home minister stated that serious actions will be taken for what she has done he stated ” whatever she has done is wrong. An order will issued against her under motor vehicles act to stop such incidents”


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