Inflation: A Problem


Nancy Tirthani
. Inflation means that due to the availability of common consumer goods necessary for life at a high price, they are out of reach to the common man. Due to this problem the lower and middle class have to face a lot of difficulties. Today the problem of inflation has reached its peak, due to which the prices of goods are touching the sky. There are many reasons for this inflation.

production less consumer more

uneven distribution of production

import more export less

war / strike

lack of means of transport

hoarding/black marketing and

Inclination towards extravagance and luxury

The biggest reason for rising inflation is that the production of a commodity is low but the demand is high. production today

Despite the doubling-triple, the problem remains the same, because the demand has increased much more due to the increase in the population manifold. The distribution of food grains, oil, cloth, cooking gas, items of daily use etc. is also not uniform due to loose administrative system. Urban population makes more use of them, in that also the affluent class, consequently the same thing is found expensive for the economically weaker persons. Along with this, due to the increasing attraction of foreign goods in the country, the production of domestic goods is decreasing, hence exports are decreasing and imports are increasing. Of course things will be expensive.

In the present time, the fear of war and war is also a big reason for inflation. fear of war

There is an impact on the production and capacity of factories tomorrow, agriculture is affected. of essentials

More expenditure is spent on war material, weapons and defense material than that, so the inflation starts touching the sky.

Is. Trucks and rail strikes, lack of roads and means of transport also do not allow local products to reach the market, so the prices remain despite being commodities.

Some big traders create fake shortages by hoarding everyday items in the greed of more money. As soon as the market of ‘rumours’ heats up, the prices of things start touching the sky.

People nowadays have an increased desire to live a happy and luxurious life. frugality is nowhere to be seen

The tendency for collection and enjoyment has increased more, so there is always a lack of things.

Some concrete steps should be taken to get rid of this problem so that the farmers, laborers and working common man can also juggle food and drink.

The distribution of items of daily use should be done at the government level only under strict monitoring. In this the present ration system is quite satisfactory. By imposing heavy taxes on imported goods, domestic production will increase and it will be strengthened. small scale industries and agriculture

But by paying special attention, the problem can be solved to a great extent, because these two areas are the basic basis of our economy.

There should be a system of strict punishment for hoarders, black marketers and thieves in the market so that they do such things.

Before anyone think ten times.

To ensure that the local products reach the towns and cities and the local people can get full benefit of it.

Good arrangements should be made for good roads and means of transport. People should adopt simplicity, simplicity and contentment attitude in personal life so that extravagance and collection of unnecessary items can be avoided.

If this problem is not seriously considered, then the tendency of snatching will increase. Looting, anarchy, corruption and rebellion will spread and the government machinery will continue to spend money and resources only to feed and improve them. Therefore, for the development of the country, it is necessary that inflation should be controlled.


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