Is today’s society safe for women?


Nancy Tirthani
. The society whose mother is a woman, is not safe in society and man whose mother is a woman, today she is not safe. It is so embarrassing that our society is not safe for our sisters, mothers and daughters. Today we can be assured that the daughter-in-law of our house is safe out whether if someone goes out with them if someone does wrong with them? Ask the truth, if someone asks me this then I will not be able to answer it in full way “yes”, because nowadays there are reports that are embarrassed and shake to our Jamir.

Today our society has come to such a situation that whether there is a small six-month-old girl or an old woman of 85 years, whether outside the house or at home, she is not safe. A few days ago today a news came that how terrible it looks even to think that a six (6) month old girl was raped in Pritampura. Then came the news that an 85 year old woman was raped and murdered. It is a very recent incident that a person in a bus with a college student did obscene act while the bus was full but no one opposed it nor helped.

Why did this happen? Why didn’t anyone support him? Did the people of that bus not think that tomorrow the girl of their house can also be in such a bus because by not doing anything to the wrongdoer, you are encouraging him. What is the reason that the number of such crimes is increasing, today the importance of relationships is also getting lost, why these criminals are not afraid of anyone?

Why does no one support anyone in such a situation? Why do people not understand that this can happen to their loved ones as well, then what if they do not get the support of anyone?

It is not that there is no solution to it, the solution is for every problem, one should not take eyes off the problems and face it.

Parents should believe that if their child comes and tells them something like this, then believe his words, even if it is about someone, do not scold him even after forgetting and do not allow such people to come to his house and neither Go to their house And finally the biggest thing is, as we tell daughters, sons should also be explained that respect every girl, attention should be paid to the company of boys, how they live with boys and what they are learning. .

Keeping all these small things in mind, we can improve our India.


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