Kerala employees to compulsorily submit declaration over dowry.

Government employees in Kerala need to submit declaration of dowry within one month of marriage.


In consideration to several death cases being registered against dowry, Kerala government passed new rules for male government employees in the state. The new circular of Dowry Prohibition Act was issued by the state Department of Women and Child Development(WCD) to make the state free of the malpractice of taking and giving away dowry.

As per the reports the circular read, ‘Giving or taking dowry shall be punishable with imprisonment for a term which shall not be less than five years, and with fine which shall not be less than Rs 15,000 or amount of the value of such dowry, whichever is more.’

As per the new rules, the male employee will need to submit a declaration stating that they did not take any dowry in any kind from the bride’s family. The declaration will be required to be submitted within a month of the marriage in the concerned department. The declaration will also be needed to be duly signed by the employee’s wife, his father and father-in-law, and in any case of fake affidavit, strict actions will be taken by departments against the officer. Departments are also been asked to submit reports of the declaration twice the year, once in April and then in October.

In the concerned case, Anupama TV, director of WCD has asked the heads of various government departments to ask for declaration from employees declaring if they’ve taken dowry or not.


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