Lionel Messi Joined P.S.G


Messi will reunite with Neymar.

Jaipur. On Tuesday Argentinian star player Lionel Messi has officially announced to join football club Paris Saint Germain better known as P.S.G . After an emotional exit from Football club Barcelona for which he played from age of 13 and played almost for 2o years. P.S.G signed Messi for 2years which can be extended if player wants. Messi will wear jersey no. 30 which he used to wear in his debut time and his famous 10 no. jersey is taken by Brazilian star player Neymar Jr who signed P.S.G in 2017. As we have mentioned his name Neymar and Messi have history together as both of these players play for Barcelona before joining P.S.G, Messi will join team as striker with Neymar and Kylien Mbappé.



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