Literature is the mirror of society


    Nancy Tirthani
    . A writer is a social animal endowed with brain, intellect and heart. He cannot be separated from the society, because he is also a creature of the society. He lives in the midst of society and breathes in the midst of society. Whenever he feels suffocation, then his expression appears in the form of literature. Proximity with society gives him inspiration for literary creation and only then society accepts the literature created by him.

    Ignoring the social influence and pressure, the literature cannot move a step forward. This becomes clear from the study of Kabir’s sakhis and Premchand’s fiction. Kabir raised his voice against the religious exaggerations, social evils and hollow beliefs of his time. Not only in the literature of Nirala Joe, this religion remained the same in his personal life as well. In Premchand’s stories and novels, his deep sensitivity towards some or the other social problem is reflected everywhere. Therefore, we can say that even if the writer wants to keep himself away from the influence of his era and society, he cannot do so.

    Literature is the mirror of the society, but this statement does not mean that the writer is the photographer of the society and its purpose is to portray the social distortions, shortcomings, defects, superstitions and beliefs accurately. The writer has been called Brahma. He also creates a new society. It also satirizes the vulnerabilities of the present society and also tells what kind of society interests him. Despite being of literary age and society, it also presents a sketch of what can be the form of the most beautiful society by honoring the epoch-making values ​​of life. In this way, because of upholding the eternal values ​​of life, the writer is a national but universal.

    “The name of the accumulated corpus of knowledge is literature” – The same thing is clear from the statement of Mahavir Prasad Dwivedi that a clear depiction of the civilization and culture of any country, caste or society is found in its literature. The prasad of literature is built on the background of the society itself. Whatever social conditions will prevail in the period, its literature will undoubtedly be the same. This fact becomes very clear by looking at the history of Hindi literature. The early period, also known as the Voragatha period, is replete with the praises of wars and patrons. During the Bhakti period, the voice of the devotees of Kabir, Tulsi, Jayasi, Sur etc. broke out. Ritikaal poets depicted the then luxury and love prevailing in the society in their poetry. The poets of modern times did a great job of filling consciousness in the hearts of the depressed and desperate Indians.

    Thus we can say that the writer creates literature by taking inspiration from his society.


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