Mirabai Chanu still stands a chance to win GOLD in Tokyo Olympics.

Chinese weightlifter set new Olympic record by lifting 210 Kgs surpassing India's Mirabai Chanu. Anti-doping authorities set to take Zhihui's tests. Mirabai still stands a chance to secure Gold for India.


After two days of China’s Zhihui Hou won gold medal in women’s 49 Kg weightlifting, she is to undergo a doping test at the Tokyo Olympics. Zhihui set the new Olympic record lifting 210 Kg in total, where Mirabai lifted 202 Kg and secured silver for India.

The doping test for Zhihui is to see if she was given any medicines before the Games. The authorities will figure out if there was anything adverse in the first sample through analytical finding.

With this, if Zhihui is found with any misconduct of doping, Mirabai Chanu will stand a chance to win Gold in Tokyo Olympics for India. Mirabai was followed by Indonesia’s Windy Cantika on the podium with total lift of 194 Kgs and will also follow Mirabai by securing silver for Indoesia.


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