Mobile and Internet Obsession among Children.’


Nancy Tirthani
. “Modern Science and technology has bestowed us with many gifts it is upon us the recipients to reap its fruit or let them destroy us, the choice is ours”

Mobile phones have become as indispensible to us as breathing, eating and other daily routines. We fondle it, we cuddle it, we adore it and what not, we walk with it, we sleep with it, we eat with it, we play with it and we don’t let go of it either in the day or at night. Oh! What an addiction! Incredible though it sounds yet it is a reality that we are faced with today.

Getting obsessed with something occurs when we become slaves to it, be it food, be it fashion or be it gadgets. Obsession happens not through the fault of the product but through our own inability to control ourselves. It is said that “The man who doesn’t have control over his senses is digging his own grave. Nothing can save him from his impending doom”. It is an undisputable fact that the internet and mobile phones have changed our lives radically. Their benefits are innumerable. However, as time passed by ever since their advent, their misuse crept in. Man the master who made it began to be mastered by them. The creator getting devoured by the creature. What an irony it is! Yet, it is a reality. Yes, it is a hard fact. It is the modern Frankstein story born out of our recklessness and vanity.

The Holy Bible says,

“God created man to be the master of the universe not its slave”

Given all this, what are the dangers of this obsession?

The first victim of this obsession is health. Along with it comes obesity, loss of eyesight, loss of appetite constipation, juvenile diabetes and hyper tension. The ailment list goes on. Not only this, in extreme cases children are driven to the point of suicide. The recent notorious online game of “BLUE WHALE CHALLENGE is an important example.

Centuries ago, Aristotle, the great Greek philosopher, had said that “The man is a social animal”. But this unnatural obsession also plays havoc with the family and the social life of the children. They became reclusive, cut off from their own parents, siblings and the rest of the society. Though the age old saying is that “No man is an Island, yet these children becomes the Island of their own.” Thus it effects their development as wholesome personalities.

It all sounds alarming. These our children are moving in harm’s way. It is a question of now or never. We can’t wait to save them. It is the responsibility of the parents, teachers, society and the government at large to guard our children from these obsessions and show them the right way. Let us put our hands and heads together to safeguard our children who are the promises of tomorrow.


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