This picture shared by NASA looks like a beautiful painting, tell what did you see in it?

Space agency NASA often shares unbelievable posts that leave people shocked. For example, this picture posted by NASA looks like a painting.

NASA's Instagram page is both mesmerizing and informative. From talking about distant galaxies to showing the wonders of the blue planet, space agency NASA often shares incredible posts that leave people stunned. For example, this picture posted by NASA looks like a painting.
He wrote, "The world's largest salt block. The Salar de Uyuni of Bolivia is a salt block that is a large expanse of white salt crust as large as 4,000 square miles (10,000 sq km) for most of the year. During the rainy season, water may fill part of the salt block and give it an unreliable mirror-like appearance. However, in 2022 the water mirror became larger and lasted longer than several years, possibly related to the La Nia event Is. Strong La Nias during the rainy season is related to positive rainfall anomalies in the southern altiplano".

Over the next few lines, he also wrote, "This is a natural colour image obtained by the operational Landsat Imager on Landsat 8 on January 31. Note the discolouration of the water and salt section, which may be due to the combination." runoff, volcanic sediment, and waterborne microbes or algae."

This picture is becoming increasingly viral since it was shared. So far it has got more than 4 lakh likes. People are also making many comments on the photo. One Instagram user wrote, "I love this colour." Another asked, "How far was this picture taken?" To which the space agency replied, "Landsat 8 orbits the Earth at an altitude of 438 miles (705 km)."


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