Nancy Tirthani
. Newspapers play a vital role in our life. We cannot imagine a single day without newspaper in the morning. It has become a part and parcel of our routine with news from far and near. It gives us, at a glance what is happening all over the world. It brings us abreast of latest information, discoveries and inventions, the toppling of a government, the forming of a new government, the winning and losing of a match; an earthquake, a plane crash, accidents, the lives of great people, tragedies, comedies and so on which can be read any time conveniently during the day or later.

With the advent of satellite television, through which we can watch any event happening anywhere in the world, it does appear that the newspaper has become obsolete. There is nothing worthwhile in it which we cannot watch on T.V. Indeed, what is recorded by the camera is more authentic and objective than the second-hand report of an individual which is bound to be more subjective.

No two newspaper accounts of an event will be the same. One newspaper will report a fifteen year old girl killed while another will report a fifty-year old woman. Every newspaper in its struggle to strive in a haste to report something first no matter, regarding its authenticity, leaving the poor average common reader confused by the different news in different newspapers.

Television, on the other hand, gives you a watch and believe eye witness account of the entire happenings so that you can judge and reach to any conclusion according to your discretion. Most of the space in newspapers is consumed for drab advertisements but on T.V., advertisements which not only inform but entertain as well are shown.

But, now the question remains. Can we say good-bye to our newspaperman? Do we really have to start the day by pressing the T.V. switch? Would we rather put a glance at the headlines in the newspaper and look forward to reading the entire newspaper later in the day? There are so many news items in it which are not carried by T.V. and no replacement for the classified Ads. column yet. Moreover, there are some very interesting articles which can be read out any time, whereas to gain importance from the T.V. we are dependent on the times of T.V. programme. So according to me as long as human beings can read, newspapers cannot become obsolete.


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