Nipah Virus : All you need to know


Abhay Chauhan

Nipah virus became first noticed in Malaysia withinside the year 1990. In India, it became first detected in Siliguri, West Bengal in the year 2001, when 45 humans died of it. Kerala said the cases of the Nipah virus in 2018. The alarming information is that the fatality rate of the virus is 40-80 per cent and the incubation duration is weeks.

Nipah virus may be defined as a zoonotic virus, that’s transmitted through animals to people and also can be transmitted through infected meals or at once among humans. It is resulting from fruit bats. People who get infected with the aid of using the virus can stumble upon extreme troubles like acute respiration infection and deadly encephalitis.

It’s now no longer an airborne contamination and is transmitted from bats and pigs. The contamination is deadly not only for people however animals too.

People infected with the Nipah virus can show comparable signs and symptoms to the COVID-19 infection. Cough, sore throat, dizziness, drowsiness, muscle pain, tiredness and swelling of the brain, which could cause headache, stiff neck, intellectual confusion, seizures and sensitivity to light are some common signs and symptoms. A individual may additionally emerge as subconscious and it is able to ultimately result in death. There is no described remedy for the virus. If one spots the signs and symptoms, one has to seek advice from the doctor without delay who will confirm the diagnosis with the assist of RT-PCR, cerebrospinal fluid, urine and blood test. Later, after recovery, trying out for antibodies is conducted. Medicines are recommended with the aid of using the medical doctor for looking after encephalitis and different signs and symptoms. It is recommended now no longer to self-medicate as which could growth the danger and get worse the condition.


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