All of you addicts, need to have to make yourselves deserving, to earn the trust and the love you lost throughout your using time, investment of other’s time in you, company of these better people, their hands in your problems and tasks and even their better and positive understanding for and about you and if you talk about money, everyone in this whole world wants money, how do I know that, well find a sad one, give him 1k and he will be satisfied and happy until that money is gone but now, you’ve to earn money too, which is only earned by doing work, you only get the work when you earn the opportunity, and to earn the opportunity you got to make yourself deserving of earning the opportunity. Same goes with the recovery, you have to earn it and with the recovery comes the power of making yourselves deserving and to have opportunity of a recovery is to surrender and accept your powerlessness upon your habits and your way of mind, the perception and your way of living the life itself and then by committing yourselves into the supreme power of the program of N.A. itself and the hands it offered to all the addicts. Recovery results in better future which consists both made and maintained recovery and opportunity to make and maintain the career you want and if you ask me all you got to do is follow one single rule of 3Ds and 1C and putting it into the program of N.A, taking and learning and applying the program in your life and then the results of it is going to be your beautiful recovered life and the opportunity to successfully make and maintain your career.

Now, what is the rule of 3Ds and 1C?

Dedication, Discipline, Determination and Consistency.

What is dedication here? We being fully devoted to the sole purpose of an addict’s life which is taking and learning the program and allowing it in our time which is left in this world.

What is determination here? We having made the firm decision of taking and learning the program and allowing it in our time which is left in our world and resolving this decision to never be changed or broken ever in our remaining life.

What is discipline here? We being training us to obey the program and the code of behavior, the way of life, the rules it presents us to maintain the recovery and always being stood hard on this decision of being in recovery and maintaining it with the help of the hands it gave us and the program itself, throughout our remaining life.

What is Consistency here? We being steadfast and stable on our dedication, determination and discipline towards the program and the gift of recovery it presents us.

Pain is what you must take and this war is what you must fight every day and, in every moment, but this hardship, this battle of you with your old self, the destructive, abusive and the dead one is what going to make you alive and live, enjoy the remaining life with satisfaction and happiness all around you rather than just wasting it in being the slave of something devilish and lifeless and dying every moment in the remaining days until you actually die.

Have faith and patience, follow the 3Ds and 1C, apply it in the program of N.A. and the results of its which is the recovery itself and opportunity to make yourself deserving of earning back everything you lost and the opportunity of making and maintaining the career of your choice as the program is what you need the most and then applying this rule of 3Ds and 1C into the program of N.A. and then applying the program of N.A. in your life, and don’t forget this fight is the greatest favor you’re doing for yourself and your family and all the people who loves you and whom you love and this pain is the smallest sacrifice you can make for your better future and life as well as for all of your loved ones.

LEARN AND APPLY THE PROGRAM, WORK AND MAINTAIN THE RECOVERY, should be your anthem and your main motive for your life and remember, life’s better when it’s a sugar kiss rather than it being the cocaine bliss. 


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