Paresh Rawal took a jibe at Will’s slap on Chris, said – Comedians are in danger everywhere, be it Chris or Zelensky


The actor took Zelensky’s name because there is a war going on between Russia and Ukraine

Shivani Agarwal

Reaction of ‘Babu Rao’: Bollywood actor Paresh Rawal has come out in support of comedian Chris Rock through social media. In fact, at the recent Oscar Awards ceremony, Will Smith slapped Chris Rock, because Chris made fun of Will’s wife’s baldness. After this incident, everyone started talking about it and it became an international topic. Through his post, Paresh has also supported the President of Ukraine.

Paresh supports Chris and Zelensky

Paresh wrote in his post, “Comedians are in danger everywhere, be it Chris or Zelensky.” Let us tell you that the President of Ukraine Zelensky is a former comedian.

The actor took Zelensky’s name because there is a war going on between Russia and Ukraine. This war started on 24 February this year. So far it has been difficult for Russia to control Ukraine. Along with Ukraine, Russia has also suffered a lot in this entire war. So far hundreds of people have been killed and thousands have been injured in this war.

Smith slaps Chris, the presenter of Mara Ceremony

Meanwhile, American comedian Chris Rock, who was on stage during the Oscars ceremony held on Monday, joked about the baldness of actress-singer Jada Pinkett Smith, wife of Will Smith. Will didn’t like Chris’ joke about his wife. After which Will got up from his seat and went to the stage and in front of everyone he slapped Chris vigorously. Chris was shocked after this incident. Along with him, everyone else present there was also stunned. After this incident, many celebs including Neetu Kapoor, Gauhar Khan, Varun Dhawan, Kangana Ranaut reacted to it.

Will apologizes to Chris

At the same time, Will recently apologized by sharing the post on social media after this whole incident. He wrote in his post that there is no place for violence in the world of love and kindness. At the same time, Will apologized to the Academy, the makers of the show and everyone, saying that he crossed the limit and he was wrong.


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