Parveen Babi’s 68th Birth Anniversary: Days spent in the madhouse laughing; Many affairs but remained alone at the last moment, the corpse kept rotting for 3 days


Parveen’s name is associated with Danny Denzongpa, Mahesh Bhatt, Kabir Bedi. His mental condition deteriorated and he distanced himself from people

Shivani Agarwal

Today is the 68th Birth Anniversary of Parveen Babi, who has appeared in the best films like Deewar, Amar Akbar Anthony, Suhaag, Kala Patthar, The Burning Train, Shaan and Kaliya. In the era when the actress was recognized by the look of an Indian woman, at that time Parveen was recognized for her bold and western look. Parveen went into the world of oblivion at the same speed as she achieved success. Parveen suddenly disappeared from the sets, which led to the talk of her belonging to the underworld.

Parveen’s name is associated with Danny Denzongpa, Mahesh Bhatt, Kabir Bedi. His mental condition deteriorated and he distanced himself from people. Parveen’s condition deteriorated to such a degree that when she was locked in a New York International Airport with a maniac for not proving her identity, she kept on laughing. In the last days, Parveen started feeling the threat of life from many big stars. Today, on the occasion of the birth anniversary of the actress, let’s know how was her mysterious journey full of difficulties-

Raised father’s shadow at the age of 5
Parveen Babi was born on 4 April 1954 in Junagadh, Gujarat to Wali Mohammad Khan. Parveen was born after 14 years of marriage of her parents. His father passed away at the age of just 5 years. After completing her studies from Ahmedabad, Parveen started modeling. Bold Parveen used to smoke cigarettes during college days. One day, while puffing, Parveen was noticed by filmmaker BR Ishara and decided to make Parveen a heroine.

Parveen got the 1973 film ‘Charitar’. The film was a flop, but Parveen got many films. He gave dozens of hits like Majboor (1974), Deewar (1975).

When Parveen suddenly disappeared from the set
In the year 1983, Parveen suddenly disappeared from the set while shooting for a film. Neither did he inform anyone nor did anyone have any news. During this, there were reports that Parveen was under the eyes of the people of the underworld, who made her disappear. Many films of the actress were released in her absence. After 6 years, Parveen came back to Mumbai and clarified that she had left the industry for spirituality.

affairs in dispute
Parveen Babi’s first affair in the industry was with Danny Denzongpa. This went on for about 4 years. Parveen was also in a relationship with Kabir Bedi, but this relationship did not last long. Around the year 1977, Parveen fell in love with Mahesh Bhatt. Mahesh was already married and was struggling in the industry, while Parveen was a successful actress at that time.

Parveen was diagnosed with an incurable disease called Paranoid Schizophrenia. His mental balance slowly started deteriorating. Mahesh wanted to leave his wife and settle down with Parveen, but his illness was causing a rift in their relationship. Mahesh took them to every famous doctor abroad, but no solution was found.

Parveen was sent to a mental asylum tied in fetters
In 1984, Parveen Babi was caught by the police at the New York airport and locked in a mental asylum. Parveen was behaving strangely at the airport, when the security staff questioned her, she could not reveal her identity. They were locked up with lunatics wearing handcuffs. Parveen was smiling when the Indian Council reached them after getting information. As if nothing had happene

Serious allegations were leveled against Amitabh Bachchan
In an interview given to a film magazine in the year 1989, Parveen said, Amitabh Bachchan is a super international gangster. They are after my life. His goons kidnapped me and kept me on an island, where they surgically implanted a transmitted chip under my ear. Along with this interview came the picture of Parveen in which she had a cut below her ear.

Parveen’s last wish remained unfulfilled
Parveen Babi had converted to Christianity in the last days. He expressed his wish that his last rites should be performed according to Christian customs, but this could not happen. Parveen’s family, who belonged to a Muslim family, claimed her body and buried it at the Santacruz crematorium in Mumbai. After a few years, due to less space, his body was shifted to a new place.


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