Pollution: Problem and solution


Nancy Tirthani
Today’s human being trapped in the web of industrialization has also become such a non-living part of the machine that he could not even take care of the purity of his environment. As a result a new problem has arisen, that is Prad’s problem. This problem and nowadays is the focus of all countries. The biggest challenge before us at this time is to save the environment; Because everything like water, air, forest, soil etc. has become polluted. Therefore every person should be told the importance of environment because it is the basis of our existence. If we do not reduce this pollution, then the coming generations will be forced to live a cursed life and I do not know if there will be human life or not.

The development of life is possible only in a balanced environment. The environment is created by nature. The environment provided by nature is friendly to the living beings. When some harmful components come into the environment, they spoil the balance of the environment and pollute it. This dirty environment is harmful to the living beings in many ways. In this way the pollution of the environment is called pollution. The phenomenal growth of population and industrial progress have given rise to the problem of pollution and it has taken such a severe form that it threatens the destruction of humanity.

Types of Pollution In today’s environment, pollution appears in the following forms.

Air pollution is an essential source of air life. Every living being needs pure air i.e. oxygen to live healthy, due to which its presence in the atmosphere in particular proportion is necessary. Organisms take in oxygen by breathing and release carbon dioxide. Trees and plants provide us with oxygen by taking in carbon dioxide. This maintains purity in the atmosphere. But due to the cutting of trees and forests, the balance of oxygen gas in the atmosphere has deteriorated and the air has become polluted with many harmful gases.

Water Pollution – Water is called life. Without it, animals and plants do not exist. Still, the sewers and sewers of big cities are mixed with the rivers. All the filth of the factories was washed away in the water of the rivers. Due to religious beliefs, the immersion of idols and worship materials of various gods and goddesses in rivers has also increased water pollution and is causing terrible diseases, due to which people’s lives are in danger.

Noise pollution Noise pollution is also a new problem today. It has been created by scientific progress. motorcar, tractor,
Jet aircraft, factory sirens, machines and loudspeakers create noise pollution by disturbing the balance of sound.
Due to excessive noise pollution, mental problems like mental disorder, intense anger, insomnia and irritability are increasing rapidly.

Radioactive Pollution- In today’s era there is emphasis of scientific tests. Nuclear tests keep happening all the time. Its explosion spreads radioactive substances throughout the atmosphere and causes damage to life in many ways.

Chemical pollution In addition to the waste products from factories, pesticides and insecticides and chemical fertilizers also have adverse health effects. These substances flow with water or in soil.
Together they cause harm in many ways. Human beings are falling prey to deadly diseases due to this pollution. If someone is crippled, someone is deaf, someone’s vision-power is destroyed, then someone’s life is due to various types of physical deformities, mental weakness, incurable cancer etc. The root cause of all diseases is toxic environment.

Tree plantation is the best way to save the environment from pollution. Excessive cutting of trees should also be stopped. Permission to set up factories and machines should be given only to those people who can make proper arrangements for the removal of industrial waste and smoke from machines. The United Nations should take appropriate steps to control nuclear tests, silencers must be installed on loud vehicles and the use of loudspeakers etc. in public should be controlled. To control water pollution, such arrangements should be made in industrial institutions that waste materials and water should be taken out after treatment and they should be prevented from mixing in water sources.

It is a matter of happiness that the Government of India is aware of the problem of pollution. He enacted the ‘Prevention of Water Pollution Act’ in 1947. Under this ‘Central Boards’ and ‘Pollution Control Boards’ have been constituted in the states. Similarly, strict rules have been made in the direction of licensing new industries and preventing deforestation. Efforts are also being made that new forest areas should be created and the general public should be encouraged to plant trees. Orders have been given by the court to move the polluting industries out of the metros. If people in their own way give active cooperation in these programs and take a pledge that at least one tree will be planted on every auspicious occasion in life, then surely we will be able to avoid the ill-effects of pollution and also the coming generation. Will be able to save it from its black shadow.


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