PUNO – The Adventure Arena Jaipur gets its first Theme Park,


Puno – The Adventure Arena is the first indoor trampoline & theme park opened in Jaipur. A must visit place to hangout with your friends and family.

PUNO is a new adventure gaming and entertainment venue in Jaipur that offers a variety of sports and fun activities for those seeking for a good time. It is primarily intended to give a relaxing environment while also assisting you in clearing your thoughts of daily tension and workload. It features incredibly energetic activities for all ages, both indoor and outdoor, that you may choose from according on your preferences.

PUNO is founded by three vibrant minds – Mr.Pankaj Agarwal, Neha Agrawal and Siddharth Agrawal with a vision that stands true to keep families and friends closely bonded with a series of fun activities. Their mission is to help people to find an optimal balance between life and amusement. With PUNO they bring the fun element in people lives where they get to enjoy a leisurely time with thier loved ones. It is a one-stop destination for all things entertainment.

Activities:  Inside PUNO you can try out a long list of fun and adventure-filled activities.

1.    Donut Slide – Experience the heart-thumping and fist-clenching slide leaving you stoked and giving you a feel of skating on Ice and jumping on air bag.

2.    Ninja Course – Have you always been a fan of ninja turtles and wanted to show skills like them? Here is your chance. Buckle up for an intense yet fun Ninja Course, compete with your friends for the most challenging obstacles and emerge as a winner.

3.    Rope course – Take your Fitness to greater heights on the new Rope Course! Rope course at PUNO develops inner strength and focuses on testing your balance, agility, and gives you jitters while being done with utmost safety.

4.    Dodge Ball – 5 D’s of Dodgeball: Dodge – duck – dip – dive – Dodge Stakes are high, as you enter in Dodge ball court with your friends. Dodge the ball as you jump on trampoline and out maneuver your opponent.

5.    Slam Dunk -A thrilling way for people of all ages to experience the most exciting move in basketball-the Slam dunk! It is the ultimate activity to progress your Freestyle skills and have fun at PUNO!  Thrust the ball down through the basket like Michael Jordan.

6.    Roller bridge – Want to try something fun and exciting? Maintain your balance and run as fast as you can on Roller Bridge at PUNO or be ready to fall in a pit of foam.

7.    Battle Beam – Gear up for the ultimate showdown, set your load out, decide your role and fight for the victory. Think balance beam plus sword fighting. Only the swords are foamy. And the pit below is lined with cushy blocks.

8.    Swing Bridge – Do you dare to walk on a swinging bridge while your opponents are trying to make you fall in a sea of colourful balls? As you walk above the rim and reach new heights it will expand the scope of thrill and adventure at PUNO.

9.    Wipe out – Jump, duck or do whatever it takes to avoid being struck by the bar at wipe out. The mission is simple: Be the last person standing in this fun and amusing competition.

10.  Spider Towe – Didn’t you always want to climb walls like the Spider-man? Sorry, we can’t help it out. But you can jump in the midst of so many spider webs to feel the craziness and excitement beyond your expectation.

11.  Sky Stepper – Take off high in sky at Sky Stepper! In this fusion of adventure and faith, players have to climb pillars with different heights till the highest limit and then take a leap believing in magic of the mechanism at PUNO.

12.  Sky walls – If you have a penchant to hit new heights and you are intended to do some adventurous activities then Sky wall is for you at PUNO. 90-degree straight walls lets you experience true mountain climbing with utmost enthusiasm.

13.  Free Jump Arena – Free jump arena offers the best of trampoline experience with a host of incredible trampoline activities Discover new heights, do parkour tricks and freestyle moves on trampolines at PUNO.

14.  High Performance – Take the gravity defying leap, reach new heights and achieve new levels. High performance gives you a real adrenaline kick and lets you develop new skills, do free run and train for any trampoline sports.

15.  3D Needle – With the aim of fun and innovation, we at PUNO look at things beyond imagination. 3D needle is the thing that no one can take eyes off from, a frame that gives you mixed feelings of snicker and element of surprise and can make you ‘uh oh’ at a second.

16.  Interactive trampoline – Interactive trampoline is a fusion of trampoline and virtual reality where player has to bounce to match the movements of virtual character in game and perform freestyle tricks to achieve triumph.

17.  Cyclone – Get ready to wheel off to the ultimate thrill on this super fun ride that turns your life around. Get set to fly and ride the Cyclone.

Location: PUNO is strategically located in Jaipur with around 20 minutes drive from Jaipur railway station and 25 minute drive from Jaipur airport. Registered address: SDC Gateway,Flat No. A 304 Plot No. B 1-2 Ghiya Marg Banipark Jaipur Rajasthan 302016.

PUNO is a one stop destination for adventure activities and organising parties with your friends and family. It offers a unique experience to make your occasions like birthday, picnic day, more special.

You can check out this video to know more about the experience at PUNO: PUNO  JAIPUR || PUNO – The Adventure Arena jaipur || The Bawabilat


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