Ram Mandir Marks One Year Of Bhoomi Pujan.


The Most Crucial Religious Matter In History Of India.

Jaipur. On 5th August last year P.M. Narendra Modi of India Laid foundation Of the most prestigious Mandir for Hindu Nationals and Rambhakt’s ‘The Ram Mandir Of Ayodhya’ which was full of controversial move in itself. Even the beginning too is a controversial thing so we can’t expect a happy ending. The history of ram mandir starts from The Ramayana which stats that Lord Rama was born in city of Ayodhya in centre of India which was now in Uttar Pradesh state. Hindus claim that there was a temple from beginning and was destroyed by the Mughal rulers Majorly First The Barbur or The cruel Aurangzeb in there time of rule.

But the mosque was destroyed in 6dec 1992 by Hindu mob named as Kar sevak dal. Which led to India’s worst religious riots. That time the issue was in court but court was delaying judgement due to lack of evidence.

Then on 9 November 2019 supreme court passed a judgment in favour of Ram- Mandir and Muslims have given 5 acers of land in compensation of demolition of mosque.

There are things which two communities says in favour of their own.

  • Community one [Claimed Babri Masjid]- That Babri Masjid is an Integral part of there religions history in India. They say that demolition of mosque is illegal and the people involving in demolition should be jailed or there is no justice served.
  • Community second [Claimed Ram-Mandir]- this community wanted Ram Mandir in place of Babri masjid and states that it was a place of there deity lord Rama and should remain one.

There is a interview conducted by Times Of India with Archaeologist KK Muhammed which you can read for more info. –  https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/ram-temple-existed-before-babri-mosque-in-ayodhya-archaeologist-kk-muhammed/articleshow/71391712.cms


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